Market Research Company Eliminates Guesswork From Brand Management: A New Tool for Branding and Marketing Professionals

In early 2021, a European (Malta) market research company released a service called Brand Auditor, an advanced yet simple solution to measure what potential customers think and feel about a company, service, product, or brand. With clients like BMW, Marriott, and Walmart, Brand Auditor quickly became a popular solution to evaluate various aspects of branding and marketing.

The system enables clients to customize their audits by selecting insights they want to know, defining their target audience, and select the amount of feedback they aim to collect for their analysis. This user-customizable approach provides a high level of price flexibility. Audits starting at $500, Brand Auditor enables a cost-efficient, industry-standard market research solution to audit what is wrong and write with a brand, business concept, marketing communication, and a lot more.

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As Brand Auditor makes traditional essay-like brand audits obsolete, the company received quite some backslash from freelancers and brand consultants after their market entry in early 2021.

“Our goal is not to drive branding professionals out of business. We simply created a system that enables them to deliver valid, market research-based insights to their clients. Brand Auditor was designed to be an industry-standard tool like Google Analytics or PR distribution networks. You can’t compete with those so you make those part of your business and workflow.” – said Daniel Diosi, founder of Brand Auditor

The company offers both white-label solutions and referral partnerships to make mutually rewarding cooperation possible with brand managers and marketing consultants. Over 70% of partner sales are done white-label. If you plan to deliver audits from us with your branding, white-label reselling is an ideal solution. Brand Auditor launched an “affiliate area” where one can manage and monitor all your referral activities. The process is very simple. All you have to do is creating an affiliate account where you will get your referral link and can track traffic, sales and earnings.

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“Over 200 brand consultants expressed interest in using Brand Auditor since our launch, and we have dozens of regular customers who buy audits for their clients. Our white-table solution enables anyone to deliver our audits with their branding and realize an uncapped profit markup on the transaction. In addition, we are always happy to suggest configuring the most cost-efficient audits for their needs – so our partners can maximize their profit margin. Referral commission is flat 15%” – shared Suzanne Dulski, Partnership Associate at Brand Auditor.

The company offers seven specialized and highly customizable audits. These are business concept audit, brand essentials audit, brand audit for hotels, brand awareness measurement, an audit for e-commerce websites, personal brand audit, and marketing communication audit.