Leverages Proven Intelligent Marketing Services to Help Clients Deliver Omni-channel Customer Experiences

Direct Response Engagement Experts Elevate Multi-Channel Strategies with Highly Personalized, Data-Driven Campaigns to Maximize ROI, Enhance Engagement and Delight Customers, a full-service omnichannel and direct response engagement agency, announces omnichannel marketing services to help leading brands, fundraisers, membership organizations and midmarket enterprises maximize return on marketing investments, enhance the buyers’ journey and delight customers. With its proven, Intelligent Marketing Services, creates highly personalized, data-driven campaigns with custom workflows orchestrated across multiple channels, including direct mail, email, social media, SMS text messaging, voice and microsites.

Robert Salta, CEO, said, “In the digital era, multi-touch, omnichannel marketing strategies are vital to promote customer engagement and drive sales. However, marketers must understand the precise actions of their customers and consider all relevant marketing tools, including direct mail, to optimize the customer experience, regardless of the consumers’ device preference.”

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For more than 40 years, has used data to personalize marketing techniques and effectively engage customers. Rather than a wide-net approach, combines technology and data to create one-to-one messaging across multiple marketing channels. Extending this strategy to the customer-centric, omnichannel marketing approach, helps its clients drive sales and delight the end customer.

Shawn Salta, president and COO,, said, “According to the Data and Marketing Association, direct mail has an average response rate of 3.7%, compared to only a fraction of a percentage for all digital media. Combining personalized direct mail with highly targeted social media ads and precisely timed email outreach increases the likelihood of engagement, especially when messaging speaks directly to the individual consumer’s specific needs and reaches them through their preferred channels.”

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Shawn Salta adds, “With omnichannel marketing, it can be challenging to determine which tactic or channel is the most effective. By implementing clear attribution tools, such as unique URLs, QR codes and tracking phone numbers, marketers can easily track multi-tier attribution and prove ROI for their marketing investments. Even for direct mail, we can use these tools, tied to the drop dates, to attribute a direct mail piece for an increase in web traffic and sales.”, headquartered in metropolitan Washington, D.C., is an industry leader offering Agency, Data Products, Business Intelligence Insight, Email Marketing and Production services. For over 40 years,’s unique Insight Engine and Intelligent Marketing Process have grown clients’ market share by applying strategies proven to increase customer and donor acquisition and retention. Staffed by over 250 direct marketing professionals,’s proprietary data, business intelligence technology and segmentation products FUEL the marketing engines of the nation’s leading brands and fundraisers, consistently improving results and achieving a positive ROI.

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