Loop Insights Files Provisional Patents And Trademark Registries For Venue Tracing And Contactless Solution Applications In Wake Of Growing Demand

Loop Insights Inc., a provider of contactless solutions and artificial intelligence (“AI”) to drive automated marketing, contact tracing, and contactless solutions to the brick and mortar space, announces the filing of provisional patent applications and various Trademark Registries for its contactless data applications. The filings come in the wake of both actual integrations with globally renowned customers and a substantial increase in demand from various verticals, including college sports, professional sports, hotels, TV & movie productions, and hospitality & entertainment, amongst others.

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Loop’s venue tracing platform is unique in that it requires no app download and only a tap of the user’s device to check-in for protection and alerts. Loop’s SmarTap devices are installed at multiple points to log every individual that enters a venue by check-in using the Loop contact tracing wallet pass. Loop’s solution allows venue staff to quickly identify individuals that were in proximity to any infected person and isolate potentially infected individuals as quickly as possible for follow-up testing.

Moreover, Loop’s contactless ticketing and e-commerce solution adds a further layer of protection by removing this very manual process, while also delivering artificial intelligence driven marketing solutions to provide real-time personalized promotions and targeted engagement that reinvent the live customer experience.

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As a result, Loop’s venue tracing and contactless solutions platform provides live event operators with the ability to safely reopen by transforming their venues into 100% digital and cashless environments with contactless entry, contactless payments, and never before seen customer engagement that not only resumes revenue-generating operations but expand them.

Rob Anson, CEO of Loop Insights, stated, “Interest in Loop’s integrated contactless platform for tracing, ticketing, targeting, and engagement by live event operators has been significant over the past couple of months as they desperately search for best of breed solutions that will allow them to safely restart operations and generate much needed revenue. Our turnkey contactless solutions platform has turned a lot of heads around the world, and we intend to capitalize on this opportunity, given how well-positioned we are to become a global leader.”

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