A Rethink of Market Intelligence: Introducing 6Pages

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6Pages, just launched out of beta, is a specialized market-intelligence service focused on far-reaching market shifts in business & technology

6Pages announces today the general release of its market-intelligence service out of beta. The subscription service offers briefs on far-reaching market shifts in business and technology.

6Pages systematically scans thousands of market events using a combination of technology and human curation, surfacing and connecting signals of change, and running consulting-style sprints to publish up to 3 briefs every week.

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The premise behind 6Pages is that the fastest way for humans to achieve understanding is through narrative. While not all briefs are exactly 6 pages, the company’s name takes its origin from Amazon’s “narratively structured 6-page memo,” made famous in its 2017 Letter to Shareholders. Each brief covers a single market shift, presenting executives with a deeply researched overview of what’s happening and what it means.

“6Pages surfaced because of a problem we had seen and experienced ourselves,” says CEO & Editor-in-Chief Tam Thao Pham. “Executives are focused on the day-to-day, running the ship, putting out fires, meeting with staff. Decision-makers in organizations just don’t have the time to gather all the context needed to make effective decisions. So they’re either a decision-making bottleneck or are making calls based on gut instinct. Neither is a good situation.”

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According to Pham, “We work to craft briefs that, in Bezos’ words, are ‘brilliant and thoughtful and set up high-quality discussions.’ We gather and digest information for decision-makers to help them quickly wrap their minds around market dynamics and technologies, so they can focus on their job – making decisions and leading businesses.”

6Pages also believes in making market insights more accessible. Pham continues, “High-quality insights are often expensive. A typical market diligence project with a team of consultants might cost $500K. A corporate organization that wants its own in-house professional market sensing function is likely to spend $750K to $1M to operate that team.”

“But premium advisory doesn’t need to be concentrated in high-end custom projects. The cost of deep-dive research and analysis of a market shift can be shared across companies, which means a more accessible price point. Our subscription service offers the same level of quality as leading advisory firms, at a fraction of the cost.” 6Pages’ business model aligns with broader industry traction in digital subscriptions. Over the past year, leading content players have seen as much as 30-40% growth in subscribers.

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