Cynthia Stoddard Joins IDCA’s Advisory Council

Cynthia Stoddard Would Lead IDCA Through Progressive Evolution Of The Information Technology, Cloud, Big Data, And Data Center Community

Cynthia Stoddard
Cynthia Stoddard

The Chief Information Officer of Adobe, Cynthia Stoddard, has joined the Advisory Council of the International Data Center Authority (IDCA). At the time of this announcement, Mehdi Paryavi, Chairman of IDCA, said, “It is the unhindered vision, inspiring passion and just expertise of veterans like Cynthia Stoddard that pave way and architect the roadmap for transforming our industry into a robust platform of sustainability and growth for all.”

Cynthia Stoddard said, “The digital era is unlocking opportunities for organizations to leverage infrastructure and solutions across a variety of ecosystem providers. To be successful it is critical we have a common language and standards across all stacks in the enterprise to promote consistency and efficiency while shaping the future of the of the information technology and data center industry. I applaud the International Data Centers Authority’s commitment to developing a set of standards for the IT community and I look forward to contributing to the Technical Standards committee.”

Mehdi added, “We are grateful to have amazing individuals like Cynthia Stoddard with us who share our spirit of giving back to the community through the effective means of universal standardization and education.  History will prove that Cynthia Stoddard’s participation at IDCA is gesture of true leadership and thus her forthcoming contributions will be instrumental to the progressive evolution of the information technology, cloud, big data, and data center community.”

Mark Thiele, Chairman of IDCA Technical Standards Committee, stated, “Cynthia Stoddard represents the best of what IT has to offer and I’m thrilled to get the chance to work with her as she comes on board to the IDCA Advisory Council.”

Cynthia is a recipient of the CIO 100 Award in 2017 for Adobe IT’s innovative ways to deliver business value. Additionally, she is the recipient of Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders Award, was named among the top Women of Influence in 2016 by Silicon Valley Business Journal, and was recognized as one of Huffington Post’s Top 100 Most Social CIOs in 2015 and 2016.

Before joining Adobe in 2016, she was CIO and SVP at data storage and management company NetApp and held a number of key information technology and technical leadership positions.

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