Deloitte Launches boost to Help Accelerate and Sustain the Value of Cloud-enabled Business Transformation with SAP® solutions

New approach brings together best of SAP solutions and Deloitte services to support built-to-evolve capabilities and simplify transformation through RISE with SAP

Deloitte announced a new offering designed to help SAP customers accelerate, sustain, and increase the value of business transformation as part of a journey with the RISE with SAP offering.

The new offering, called boost, brings a streamlined approach to cloud-enabled digital transformation with SAP® solutions— combining SAP software subscriptions and Deloitte’s portfolio of end-to-end services and solutions. boost aligns tightly with RISE with SAP—an offering that advances the vision of “business transformation as a service”.  By bringing together a wide range of solutions while simplifying subscriptions, contracts, and support, RISE with SAP helps enable organizations to transform on their own terms and timeline.

Blending the best of RISE with SAP and the best of Deloitte offerings, boost ultimately allows SAP customers to more rapidly activate the built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise™—an intelligent and responsive enterprise capable of moving at the speed of disruption, enabled by a clean core, cloud technology, and an inclusive ecosystem of capabilities.

“Deloitte has been on this journey for several years, working with clients to move from a built-to-last mindset to a built-to-evolve posture,” said Punit Renjen, CEO, Deloitte Global. “Now, through boost, SAP customers have the ability to become disruption-ready organizations faster.”

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Speed + sustainability
In addition to accelerated transformation with SAP solutions, boost supports organizations’ ability to extend the impact of transformation—helping to make transformation more long-lasting and effective through continuous innovation and operations.

“Transformation should not be a ‘one and done’ project that leaves you with doubts about whether all the work was really worth it and how long the value will last,” said Darwin Deano, principal and global SAP offering leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP.  “True transformation should make your organization more resilient, flexible, and ready for the next unknown disruption. That’s central to the boost vision—to deliver a platform of solutions and services for sustaining and increasing the value of transformation over time.”

To help SAP customers transform more cost-effectively, rapidly realize results, and continuously amplify transformation value, boost includes 8 offering bundles targeted to help clients with:

With Deloitte offerings such as Selective Transformation and Kinetic Finance Startup, organizations can shift their ERP core quickly and cleanly to SAP S/4HANA®, leveraging cloud and AI, and moving just the data and processes that matter most to the business.

Leveraging a clean core and edge innovation, SAP customers can unleash the power of Deloitte’s industry cloud solutions—such as Intelligent Spend Management and Operational Agility—with dozens of apps enabled by SAP Business Technology Platform and targeting specific business outcomes.

Operate to Innovate
Organizations can make resiliency and agility sustainable with AI-enabled operations, continuous process optimization, business process intelligence, additional industry innovations, AI-powered data governance, and more—allowing them to maintain and continually increase transformation value over time.

Early Success
boost is designed for leaders who understand that transformation today is about more than ERP transformation. It’s about business transformation enabled by the cloud, which allows them to unleash the best capabilities of SAP and cloud technology, power industry-specific innovation and business outcomes, and embed business process intelligence at every step,” said Sven Krause, Chief Information Officer, Hillrom. “These leaders understand that ‘go live’ is no longer a race to lower costs, but a race to make a greater impact through innovation and automation. boost—as its name implies—helps quickly launch them toward that vision.”

To help SAP customers increase value and create a built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise, boost integrates, enables, and enhances SAP technologies across RISE with SAP—including cloud infrastructure “by choice,” SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Value added Cloud Managed Services, Cyber Security, SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Business Network, and SAP’s business process intelligence solutions.

As a leading strategic partner globally and an SAP collaborator for more than 30 years, Deloitte brings an extensive track record to business transformation—with certifications and qualifications across the SAP portfolio, including multiple SAP Pinnacle Awards as SAP S/4HANA Partner of the Year (Large Enterprise).

“SAP and Deloitte can look back on a long and successful partnership, and the business outcomes we deliver on a daily basis to our customers across the world are proof of that,” said Christian Klein, Chief Executive Officer, SAP SE. “We are excited that Deloitte is helping to bring business transformation-as-a service to the next level. As enterprise leaders continue their transformation journeys with RISE with SAP, boost should allow them to see greater value from their investments in SAP technologies, enabling them to be ready for whatever lies ahead.”

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