DESelect Launches a New No-Code Tool to Integrate Any Data Source Into SFMC

The Antwerp-based marketing solutions developer DESelect has officially announced the launch of its new product, DESelect Connect. The app was designed to make it easy for marketers to integrate any data source into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This new solution means marketers can connect e-commerce platforms like Shopify, content management systems like Magenta, or any other no-code content enabling solutions to SFMC.

Speaking of this latest product innovation, DESelect’s CEO and co-founder Anthony Lamot said: “Someone recently asked me whether I’d be so bold as to suggest this was the Zapier of SFMC. Well, I’m a big fan of Zapier, but as it goes, we don’t zap; we just drag and drop. He added: “DESelect Connect is all about delivering a real-time data source connection to SFMC. We built it especially for marketing automation specialists to help them integrate and maintain any data source via webhooks.

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One theme kept resurfacing with our Segment and Search solutions: Organizations loved our products but didn’t yet have the data integrated into SFMC. Our mission is to bridge the gap between SFMC marketers and their data. We’re always looking to solve problems between IT, Marketing, and the business. As we see more connections between these departments, we hand them solutions so they can work flawlessly together. We’re very excited about what DESelect Connect offers to marketers; it was the missing piece of the puzzle.”

As is standard with all Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions, the app will be distributed via SFMC’s AppExchange.

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