Fonative Launches Real Recipient SMS

New Service Facilitates Secure Delivery of Text Messages to the Intended Party

Fonative®, the Compliant Communications® company, has introduced Real Recipient SMS™, a new service that helps make sure text messages go to the intended recipient. Working with Fonative’s PCI-DSS certified platform and RegReady® APIs, Real Recipient SMS-enabled contact center applications and agents can securely send confidential information to the intended recipient, while leveraging the FCC’s Reassigned Numbers Database to validate the phone number of the recipient for the text message.

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The FCC’s Reassigned Numbers Database came online on November 1, 2021 and is designed to prevent a consumer from getting unwanted calls or texts intended for someone who previously held their phone number. Call and contact centers can use the database to determine whether a telephone number may have been reassigned so they can avoid sending text messages to numbers which should not receive those messages.

Designed with privacy in mind, Fonative’s Real Recipient SMS works by receiving data from the enterprise that provides the last date of an authentic interaction with a customer at a specific phone number. If the phone number has been reassigned to a different person since that date, Fonative’s Real Recipient SMS service will block the text message from being sent and will send a response code to the sender, letting them know that the phone number has been reassigned.

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“Real Recipient SMS is an ideal way to protect personal information from falling into the wrong hands, and it also helps consumers who obtain new numbers from receiving unwanted texts intended for the prior owner,” said Steve Smith, Founder and CEO of Fonative. “This is critically important for service providers in the healthcare industry who are bound by HIPAA regulations that restrict sharing of protected health information to anyone but the patient, as well as financial service companies such as banks, insurance companies, and collection agencies which are prohibited to divulge personal information to anyone but the customer.”

Real Recipient SMS continues Fonative’s commitment as the leader in regulatory compliant communications. It comes on the heels of Fonative’s STIR/SHAKEN implementation earlier this year ahead of the FCC’s mandated deadline, and Fonative’s participation in The Campaign Registry’s 10DLC efforts to require registration of Application to Person (A2P) messaging campaigns. Both initiatives augmented the company’s adoption and deployment of Numeracle’s Verified Identity™ solution which registers legitimate phone numbers so that carriers can more accurately block bad actors from engaging in illegal and unwelcomed calling.

“Fonative continues to be on the front lines of creating solutions and implementing technology that helps to provide trust, confidence, and compliance to contact centers and their customers,” added Smith.

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