PathFactory Unlocks Powerful New Insights For B2B Marketing and Sales Teams To Enable Buyers

Path Analytics and Pathfactory for Sales Give B2B Marketers and Salespeople Access to Actionable, Cutting-Edge Data on Marketing Performance and Buyer Behavior

Does anyone really read our marketing content? Are those leads marketing sent to sales truly qualified? Is the entire buying committee engaged, or is all that activity just from one rogue tire-kicker? These are just some of the critical questions B2B marketing and sales teams will finally be able to answer for the first time ever thanks to a groundbreaking suite of new capabilities announced by PathFactory.

Path Analytics and PathFactory for Sales render traditional marketing data points like clicks and form fills obsolete by giving both marketers and salespeople access to down-to-the-second data about how buyers engage with a company’s marketing efforts across every channel, and how those content assets, types, and topics, as well as campaigns and channels, are performing in real time.

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Path Analytics: Powerful marketing performance intelligence 

Reporting on content and channel performance can be complicated and unreliable when relying on clicks, downloads and form fills as measures of success. Path Analytics simplifies this by giving marketers the only metric that really matters: time spent consuming content. Now Path Analytics surfaces the impact of content and channels on pipeline generation and revenue, as well as content performance and ROI right in PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Platform. It also provides valuable insights about account penetration, helping B2B marketers understand how individual buyers from their target accounts are engaging with content so they know how well their account-based marketing programs are working.

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PathFactory for Sales: Actionable buyer data right in your CRM 

For most sales teams today, the way marketing scores and qualifies leads is a black box. Faced with limited insight into how engaged their prospects are, it’s impossible for a sales person to know how well-educated or interested a buyer is before calling or emailing them. PathFactory for Sales gives sales teams objective insights into a prospect’s readiness to buy right inside of their CRM so they can prioritize account outreach and have more relevant conversations. Anyone with CRM access can easily see the time (in minutes and seconds) that leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities have spent consuming individual marketing assets, a description of and a direct link to the asset itself, as well as the topics that the asset is about.

“PathFactory is the only platform that combines true content consumption data with relevant visitor attributes and CRM data, providing marketing and sales teams with a unified view of the role of content in the buyer’s journey and the impact of that content on sales pipeline and revenue,” said Mark Opauszky, CEO of PathFactory. “Finally, revenue teams can answer the questions that have plagued them since the dawn of marketing automation and take another significant step toward buyer enablement.”

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