AcuityAds Announces Partnership with Contextual Intelligence Leader GumGum

AcuityAds Holdings Inc. , the technology leader in consumer journey based advertising automation, announced a partnership with GumGum, the global leader in contextual intelligence, to integrate their Verity solution for brand safety and contextual intelligence into the illumin platform.

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The combination of illumin’s leading advertising automation technology, with GumGum’s proven contextual intelligence will be a first-of-its-kind solution for advertisers in the digital world. As the industry moves towards a cookieless future and heightened data privacy, new-age contextual targeting is reemerging as a critical component to the future of digital advertising. GumGum has over a decade of experience in building sophisticated contextual intelligence solutions and their leadership in the space will support the illumin platform to continue to deliver market-leading and timely solutions that address its advertisers needs.

“Our integration of the Verity solution will further enhance the illumin technology by providing advertisers with access to sophisticated contextual intelligence tools,” said Andrey Feldman, Vice President of Products at AcuityAds. “This partnership is an example of how illumin is working to redefine the industry as advertisers navigate the consumer journey using our cutting-edge technology.”

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Advertisers using illumin will be able to leverage the contextual intelligence solution for brand safety, contextual segments, keywords, and sentiment to purposefully align their ads with relevant content to drive better ROI and brand recall. In addition, GumGum will be the first provider to offer sentiment analysis in the illumin platform.

“Very few DSPs have integrated new contextual partners over the past two years, so we are thrilled to be integrating into the illumin platform, bringing the new age of contextual capabilities to its users,” said Ken Weiner, Chief Technology Officer of GumGum. “Our pilot testing showed exciting results in GumGum’s ability to identify safe inventory that is typically marked and blocked as ‘unsafe,’ discovering a significant number of new opportunities for advertisers to connect with consumers.”

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