Aki Technologies, the leader in moment marketing and personalized advertising, and ReserveBar, the established leader in luxury and super-premium spirits e-commerce, announced an official partnership giving brands the ability to deliver dynamically personalized digital advertisements to targeted spirits buyers. ReserveBar’s unique first-party analytics inform each advertisement’s personalized elements, including on-site data, transaction data, and shopper preferences. The promotions run in moments when the message will be most relevant to the premium spirit shopper’s current mindset and need state—for example, when they are looking for a premium gift in a holiday-shopping moment.

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“We understand the challenges that advertisers face today in marketing beverages digitally, and there’s a significant untapped potential to connect with our customers,” said Brian Mehta, CMO of ReserveBar. “We respect Aki’s unique ability to reach consumers at particular moments, such as when they are looking for a special gift or celebrating a special occasion, and our partnership will help advertisers maximize their digital spend.”

As published by Path to Purchase Institute in September 2021, top-shelf brand Westward Whiskey tested how dynamically personalized advertising would resonate with audiences interested in buying premium spirits. The study found that the variation group who saw Westward Whiskey’s personalized advertisements were up to 44% more engaged than the control group who saw non-personalized ads.

“We have seen strong campaign results working with Aki Technologies and are excited to capitalize on the opportunities that this new relationship with ReserveBar brings,” said Richard Black, CMO of Westward Whiskey. “This collaboration should allow us to connect even more effectively with our premium spirits audience moving forward, something we are constantly looking for innovative ways to do.”

The announcement follows Aki Technologies making headlines for powering two other retail media networks, one in April and the other in July 2021. Shortly after, Inmar Intelligence acquired Aki in October 2021. This ReserveBar partnership continues to elevate Aki as a leader in retail solutions, and this is the first Aki partnership focused solely on premium spirits.

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