AMC Networks, Disney, and WarnerMedia Join Xandr in Powering the Future of TV Advertising

Xandr Invest’s Advanced Technology to Enable Advertisers to Reach A Single Audience Across Multiple, Premium Content Providers

Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, is working with leading media and entertainment companies including AMC Networks, Disney, and WarnerMedia to reinvent the way linear TV advertising is bought, sold, and optimized for a better consumer experience.

Xandr today announced the next evolution of Xandr Invest, a strategic buying platform built for the future of advertising. For advertisers, Xandr Invest’s enhanced TV solutions offer new ways to plan and activate audiences more consistently across TV programmers through a self-serve UI. This capability simplifies campaign execution while providing unique insights from AT&T data to improve the effectiveness of media buying. Participating media companies will be able to optimize linear schedules to effectively reach audiences across networks, in turn, driving more adoption of automated, data-driven TV buying.

This solution reaches 76% of all US households, with the potential to reach 208.2mm total viewers, each month.*

Advertisers can define a single audience across all participating programmers with the flexibility to use their own first-party data, viewership data from Nielsen, or Xandr Audience Segments.

Xandr Invest also powers integrated measurement across programmers. Buyers can forecast estimated unified reach across programmers before they buy, and then measure delivery and reach through unified reporting metrics post-campaign. Xandr Invest will be available for TV buyers through an open beta for the 2020 upfronts.

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“Providing relevant advertising to interested consumers in a premium content environment is a top priority for the industry. Xandr Invest provides powerful technology and unique consumer insights that enable advertisers to reach consumers in an engaging way,” said Brian Lesser, CEO of Xandr. “Working with marquee media brands like AMC Networks, Disney, and our sister company WarnerMedia, will help us create a unified, data-enabled solution for advertisers, which is the future of TV buying.”

“We are relentlessly focused at AMC Networks on providing the best experience for our clients and the most innovative ways to target and reach their audiences alongside our content and brands,” said Kim Kelleher, President of Advertising Sales and Partnerships for AMC Networks. “Leveraging new platforms like Xandr allows us to offer new and innovative ways to transact at scale, and puts us all at the forefront of our industry to shape the way TV advertising is transacted to drive the greatest performance.”

“Working with a technology partner like Xandr will further accelerate our advanced advertising capabilities,” said Rita Ferro, President, Disney Advertising Sales. “Having the right technology platform will enable us to offer buyers unique data sets, unified audience segments, and a self-service tool to improve the experience of buying data-driven linear across the Disney platform.”

“A key step in delivering relevant advertising is changing the way advertising is transacted,” said Gerhard Zeiler, Chief Revenue Officer, WarnerMedia & President, WarnerMedia International Networks. “Xandr Invest is doing just that. For the first time, media buyers will be able to leverage both AT&T first-party data and third-party data to seamlessly plan and optimize against the right audiences, in premium TV environments.”

“We’ve always sought out innovative advertising solutions that can reliably deliver the results our brand needs, and this new effort – with its scale and audience-based approach – is just that,” said Fiona Carter, Chief Brand Officer, AT&T Communications. “We look forward to working with Xandr to consolidate our spend across these premier programmers by using Xandr Invest.”

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Data-Driven, Automated, and Measurable

Launched in 2019, Xandr Invest now enables data-driven, audience-based buying at scale for linear TV. By adding the power of clypd to its portfolio of products and services in October 2019, Xandr is accelerating its converged offerings. Xandr Invest now offers simplified access to and tailored buying of premium, brand-safe TV content.

Xandr Audience Segments are unique consumer insights that help improve the effectiveness and relevance of TV and digital, powered by insights from AT&T’s 170 million direct to consumer relationships. The result is intelligent and seamless delivery of messages across multiple programmers, which ultimately improves the experience for interested consumers.

Increasing Access and Demand For Programmers

As demand for advanced data insights and technology in TV grows, programmers benefit from the ability to facilitate a direct connection to buyers. From the time an advertiser submits a proposal, all the way through to a programmer’s approval of orders, delivery and reporting, Xandr Invest is designed to be simple and streamlined.

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