Brainly – One of Gen Z’s Top Homework Resources – Launches New Native Ad Offering for Mobile and Desktop

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General Assembly Leverages Brainly Native Ad Units to Increase Awareness and Drive Student Engagement

Brainly, the world’s largest peer-to-peer learning community for students, parents and teachers, has announced the launch of a new native advertising capability on its platform. Brainly native ad units provide advertisers a unique opportunity to reach and engage on a deeper and more meaningful level with more than 10 million Generation Z (Gen Z) users in the United States.

Native ads are available for both mobile and desktop. Ad units are designed to feel organic in the Brainly environment and use similar specifications that are used for Facebook and Google native ads, creating a seamless sizing and design experience.

“Native ads are proven to drive results that provide for more clicks, deeper engagement and generate more outcomes for advertisers,” said Brainly Vice President of Sales Bill Drolet. “And for brands hoping to engage the often elusive Gen Z audience, this non-intrusive manner of connecting brands is crucial.”

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Globally, Brainly has more than 150 million unique users each month, with more than 20% of U.S. high schoolers using the platform. Brainly operates a global group of homework help platforms for students, parents and teachers to share and explore knowledge in a collaborative manner, while engaging in peer-to-peer educational assistance.

The flexible designs of the native ads fights consumer ad fatigue and allows sponsored content to flow seamlessly within the platform. Unlike many display or pop-up ads, native is non-intrusive and highly effective.

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Key Features of Brainly Native Ad Units:

  • Available for Desktop and Mobile.
  • Brainly uses similar specifications that are used for Facebook and Google native ads.
  • Certain ad placements follow users as they engage with content farther down the page.
  • Ad units enjoy as much as 100% SOV on search pages.
  • Ad units sandwiched between the question and answer for ultimate engagement.
  • Up to 90 characters on large and Sky ad placements allows brands to tell their story with an enlarged call-to-action button ensures maximum conversion.

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