Craftsman+ Launches Interactive Ad Builder To Meet Rising Demand For Self-Serve Ad Creative

Digital creative company Craftsman+ is announcing the launch of its anticipated Interactive Ad Builder (IAB), filling the surging demand for more engaging ad units. Building on the company’s reputation for high quality, performance-driven mobile ads, the Craftsman+ IAB empowers marketers to take control of their ad production and build custom, interactive content in an easy-to-use, no-code environment.

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While personalized ads drive results, the deprivation of IDFA in conjunction with over-saturated existing users poses a real challenge for marketers. Thus, advertisers are looking to capitalize on existing ad space by developing highly effective ads for broader audiences in response to these industry challenges. Interactive ads address these challenges, filling the gaps in marketing strategies by adding next-level engagement and allowing users to personalize their own ad experience to step ladder performance. The Craftsman+ IAB makes the creation of these ads both simple and scalable.

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The IAB boasts two key components, giving clients access to prefabricated interactive templates as well as access to an interface that lets you build your own interactive video units with intuitive drag and tap functionality. The ability to layer video assets, preview drafts on multiple devices, and pull interaction metrics directly from the ads are just a few of IAB’s features that enable advertisers to scale and iterate without any coding experience. With the product beta’s rollout last fall, a number of clients have already seen success using the Ad Builder.

“It is very easy to learn and use, even for people with no experience developing a game,” says Hannah Zheng, a designer at East Side Games.

With both prefab templates and a self-serve builder all on one web-based platform, this product gives designers and marketers control over their ad execution with speed, cost efficiency, and ROI in mind. As Craftsman+ continues to optimize the Interactive Ad Builder, the product will be joined by a Static Ad Builder in the coming months and later on, a video focused product to round out the suite of Craftsman+’s Creative Ad Platform.

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