Mobile moment ad platform Aki Technologies announced today new results from a moment-targeted campaign with mobile ads featuring Filippo Berio. The mobile campaign leveraged digital ad formats to increase brand awareness among 25- to 44-year-old women and moms in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest during the 2020 pandemic. Aki Technologies moment marketing platform delivers personalized advertising to consumers at the times they’re most receptive to marketing.

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“Olive oil is a highly competitive category, so it is vital to reach our target consumer when they are most receptive to our message,” said Meghan Boyd, Marketing Manager at Filippo Berio. “The ability of Aki Technologies to find these moments and serve our advertising made for a highly effective campaign that saw strong brand awareness gains and sales lift.”

Highlights from the campaign:
0.80% overall CTR (compared to benchmark of 0.40%)
33.9% brand lift, per Nielsen (compared to a 9% benchmark)
6% sales lift at store level
90 million impressions served

Working with Aki Technologies, Media Horizons connected Filippo Berio with their target audience (W25-44, some with children and a HHI of $75k-150k, who have purchased natural foods and olive oil, in key geographic areas) during the optimal moments of their day. Moments included Get-on-the-List Moments, when the audience was at home and planning their next shopping trip, as well as On-the-Go Moments, when they were more likely to visit a store.

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The campaign served multiple creative formats—standard banners, rich media expandables and video—to ensure that the ad format aligned with the audience’s receptivity in each moment. For example, a video ad would reach the audience while they were “leaning back” at home, with more time to engage, while the banner ads would reach shoppers on the go.

The call-to-action adapted to each moment, too, inviting at-home audiences to “Discover More” while encouraging those who were already on the go to “Find A Store.” Each “Find A Store” button tapped to the store closest to the audience in the moment.

“We committed to using data in a smart way for Filippo Berio and so we partnered with Aki Technologies to find the right best moments to reach consumers with the most relevant message,” said Erica DePalma, SVP of digital marketing at Media Horizons. “We were thrilled that our creative partners at Colangelo were able to leverage their understanding of human behavior to develop message segmentation that directly connected the brand to consumers on an emotional level. The campaign exceeded our expectations with a brand lift of nearly 34%.”

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