New Study Finds Women Are Leading a Trend of Opt-In Advertising

Women Comprise 55% of People Who Engage with Opt-In or “Value Exchange” Video Ads, and Women Generate a Video Completion Rate That Surpasses Men for All Video Lengths

A study conducted by mobile video advertising platform Jun Group found that value exchange advertising continues to be an industry-leading placement, and female audiences are leading the trend. With value exchange advertising units, consumers opt-in to unlock entertainment, points, or other digital content for engaging with a brand advertisement. Value exchange advertising has received increased attention recently as a consumer-first approach to advertising at a time when the adoption of ad blockers is at an all-time high, and industry titans such as Google are blocking intrusive ads.

Women not only make up 55% of all value exchange video views, they generated higher video completion rates than men, surpassing them for 15-second videos by 1.1%, by 2.2% for 30-second videos, and by 6.9% for 60-second videos. Skippable video completion rates for women rose ~8.3% year-over-year for 30-second videos and by ~5.7% for 60-second skippable videos. Additionally, views among men also increased year-over-year; in fact, skippable video completion rates for men increased ~3.3% for 30-second videos and by ~4.5% for 60-second skippable videos.

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Mitchell Reichgut
Mitchell Reichgut

“People don’t like to be interrupted by advertising and they are increasingly empowered to avoid it—especially on mobile devices,” said Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of Jun Group. “Value-exchange advertising is the safest, most honest, and respectful way for brands to connect with their customers because people engage on their own time in secure, brand-safe environments.”

The study also found that audiences 35+ made up the fastest-growing segment, leaping from 54% of total views to 58% of total views year-over-year. Millennial audiences still account for the largest segment of total views, representing 40%. Additionally, almost 25% of total views in Q1 2018 were for longer-form videos (those measuring 45+ seconds). Videos for 15, 30, and 60-second formats all delivered completion rates of 89% or better in the period.

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