Perion Announces Neutronian’s Study of over 110 Campaigns Demonstrates 2X CTR Lift by Using SORTTM Targeting Technology Over Traditional Third-Party Cookies

Data confirmed by Stop & Shop demonstrated that SORT significantly contributed to a 33% lift in in-store visits

Perion Network Ltd a global advertising technology company that delivers holistic solutions across the three main pillars of digital advertising – ad search, social media and display / video / CTV advertising – and Neutronian, the independent certification platform that brings quality and trust to the marketing ecosystem – today announced the results of a rigorous data review and analysis of 110 campaigns using SORTTM technology.

The side-by-side analysis of over 110 campaigns found that SORTTM consistently outperformed third-party cookies, while protecting consumer privacy and providing total anonymity by not tracking or storing user data. All SORTTM campaigns displayed the “SORT Seal”, a badge of verification allowing brands to signal their respect of user privacy, so that users can instantly determine which ad is “safe to click”.

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The innovative grocer Stop & Shop, a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize, conducted their own side-by-side comparative analysis. “Going into 2022, Stop & Shop wanted to ensure that we were ready for the cookieless future by working with partners that were putting both privacy and innovation first. SORTTM checked all the boxes. We were able to run it alongside our traditional targeting methods, it was scalable across our geo-specific campaigns, it was so easy to activate and best of all, we are seeing it significantly outperform our third-party cookie-based tactics. We now feel confident that when cookies truly are a thing of the past, we are fully prepared!”, said Shoshana Przybylinkski, Media Director, AMP Agency, the agency for Stop & Shop.

Unlike cookie-free solutions that continue to compile user data, SORTTM targets consumers based on the behaviors they exhibit at the time of an advertising encounter – without utilizing their personal identities – through real-time data signals gathered when a user lands on any page in its network.

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“In the past, marketers faced a tough choice between privacy and performance, with the latter meaning compromise on return on advertising spend (ROAS),” said Doron Gerstel, CEO of Perion. “SORTTM is a paradigm shift that combines privacy, performance and profits. The analysis of real-time behavior – which changes as emotions, desires, and context are in constant motion – means that we don’t use often misleading historical data to drive automation. We expect to significantly increase the number of SORTTM-Based campaigns by the end of the year as more and more marketers seek our innovative platform.”

“Perion asked us to provide an objective, no-punches-pulled analysis of SORTTM, and we did exactly that” said Timur Yarnall, CEO of Neutronian. “SORTTM significantly outperformed traditional third-party cookies. The lifts were at their highest level when SORTTM was paired with Undertone’s high impact formats. SORTTM is a scalable, cookieless solution capable of delivering powerful results. As companies prepare for the deprecation of third-party cookies, I believe that marketers will benefit from evaluating SORTTM as a core solution to achieving campaign performance in a cookieless world.”

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