to Launch Industry-First Demand Side Platform (DSP) Offering Crypto Rewards

Marketers will use the currency of permission, ASK, to build trust by rewarding consumers for their time and engagement, the leading provider of permission-based advertising, today announced the development of their Demand Side Platform (DSP), Permission Ads.

The patent-pending, state-of-the-art ad-buying platform offers advertisers a new way to run consent-based ad campaigns offering consumers cryptocurrency rewards in the form of ASK digital currency, in exchange for their data.

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Permission Ads enables advertisers to allocate ASK and reward users for engaging with advertisements and sharing first-party data. The DSP will also allow Permission to serve advertisements beyond its own platform and across the open web, giving permission-based advertising far more reach and allowing the Permission ad infrastructure to be fully integrated with major supply partners and publishers worldwide.

“The advertising industry is at a crossroads as it leaves behind intrusive data-collecting technologies and strives to build trust with consumers. We’re proud to be developing a solution to bring the digital ad experience into the modern age for both consumers and advertisers,” said Charlie Silver, CEO of “Data is the most valuable asset in the world. It’s time consumers get their cut.”

The advertising landscape is shifting as privacy becomes an increasingly important issue. Permission Ads is the first DSP built on a foundation of asking for consent. This unique exchange of value unlocks performance in key conversion and ROAS metrics that is unparalleled in the media buying industry today.

Permission Ads is fully compliant with relevant privacy laws including GDPR, CCPA and LGBR, because it is based on consent – it is inherently designed to meet the requirements for any new data privacy laws implemented.

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Moreover, the upcoming deprecation of the third-party cookie, the technology that has powered the marketing industry for decades, is leaving advertisers scrambling for new ways to collect valuable data and successfully target key audiences. A permission-based, first-party data-based advertising model is a path forward to a cookieless future. It enables advertisers to build trust as they collect information to craft targeted campaigns while giving consumers the chance to benefit from the booming data-based economy.

Permission Ads’ benefits to advertisers include:

  • Incentivizing audiences through a global digital currency, ASK
  • Staying ahead of regulatory changes
  • Driving conversions and increase return on ad spend (ROAS) by generating actionable first-party data
  • Validating user identity to eliminate wasted ad spend
  • Building trust and long-term loyalty with key audiences

Permission Ads’ benefits to consumers include:

  • Returning data ownership and control to consumers and enabling them to monetize it
  • Rewarding consumers for their time and data by enabling them to:
    • Grant permission for engagement and access to their data
    • Earn ASK, a simple-to-use digital and liquid reward, by engaging with relevant ads and receiving a more tailored and customized digital experience’
    • Receive targeted and relevant ads

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