Joins Adjust’s Coalition Against Ad Fraud, Global Leader in Mobile Ad Tech, Joins Adjust’s Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAFF), Will Continue to Combat Against Ad Fraud and Aid in Their Prevention and Detection.   

Leading global mobile user acquisition and monetization firm, announced earlier this month its acceptance to Adjust’s Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF).’s focus on developing proprietary fraud prevention technology in-house helped position it as a proficient combatant in the fight against fraudsters that can help set the standards for mobile ad fraud detection and prevention.

The CAAF was established to form a strong front against mobile ad fraud from the supply side, consisting of industry leaders that have years of experience dealing with fraud. The members collaborate and create guidelines for fighting mobile ad fraud, detailing what the ideal ways of detecting and preventing different types of fraud are, and who should be trusted with the responsibility of its prevention.

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Ofir Pasternak

“Ever since day one, has been data-driven and focused on technology – this approach allows us to not just detect fraud, but also prevent it. We’re proud and humbled by the opportunity to join the CAAF and for the opportunity to learn, as well as share insights we gathered ourselves. Adjust’s establishment of CAAF is a huge step in the right direction which benefits not only the advertisers but also publishers. When the fraud rate decreases, ROAS increases, and in turn, prices do as well,” said Ofir Pasternak,  CEO,

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“We’re excited to join the coalition, and take part in the extensive efforts made to combat ad fraud on all fronts, and believe the coalition will play a significant role in decreasing its prominence in our field in the near future,” continued Ofir. is a leading global mobile ad-tech company that creates mobile monetization solutions and acquires engaged users for top grossing app developers, focusing on applying machine learning algorithms to effectively target users and serve them with ads at the right time based on their habits and their interaction with proprietary interactive and playable ads dynamically generated in-house.

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