PMG and Bidtellect Partner to Expand PMG’s Centralized Data Within Alli, PMG’s Marketing Intelligence Platform

With Bidtellect, Pmg Is Doing More to Consolidate Data From Disparate Channels, Giving Customers One Source of Truth and the Tools Necessary to Run Better Ad Campaigns

PMG, an independent digital company that is one of the fastest-growing in the global advertising industry, today announced a partnership with Bidtellect, a leading content distribution demand-side platform for native advertising. The partnership will seamlessly integrate Bidtellect’s capabilities and data into PMG’s marketing intelligence platform, Alli, giving marketers access to 20X more data points, and making time to access that data up to 12X faster. As such, PMG customers using Bidtellect will soon benefit from enhanced capabilities such as automated raw data collection, streamlined reporting, and visualized data all within the Alli platform.

“We at Bidtellect are thrilled to move forward with our partnership with PMG via our integration into Alli”

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With Bidtellect, PMG gains access to the most sophisticated native programmatic technology, further empowering PMG customers to better target audiences. Bidtellect’s 20 million placements across 1.6 million sites, with over 40 metrics of various dimensions, give Alli a plethora of data marketers can use to develop insights that better inform more comprehensive ad strategies. Additionally, Bidtellect offers users ten billion native auctions across 58 million placements every day. Because the two companies will now coexist within Alli, PMG and Bidtellect can communicate and share data instantly, making decision making, reporting and monitoring campaigns more efficient for marketers.

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“We’re constantly striving to develop new and unique partnerships that better serve our customers with the technology and teams necessary to drive meaningful value to their growing businesses,” said George Popstefanov, founder and CEO, PMG. “Bidtellect’s addition to Alli will create a more consolidated, efficient and reliable decision-making process, regardless of how many internal and external data sources a brand manages.”

Customers utilizing Bidtellect via Alli will enjoy:

  • Data Transparency – Heightened visibility into the data PMG and Bidtellect analyzes and manages.
  • Real-Time Management – Providing custom, easily accessible and digestible reporting with the use of real-time, actionable data.
  • Data-Driven Optimization – Leading technology combined with PMG’s emphasis on understanding human behavior for an always-on, always ready approach.
  • Real-Time Alerts – Customers receive both positive and negative trends or red flags in real-time.
  • Contingency Planning – Newfound flexibility to adjust plans when needed with insight into real-time performance and goals.

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“We at Bidtellect are thrilled to move forward with our partnership with PMG via our integration into Alli,” said Mike Conway, Chief Technology Officer, Bidtellect. “In alignment with our dedication to furnish our clients with the most streamlined and effective experience, this integration provides best-in-class delivery along with the marketing intelligence platform to provide deep insights based on customer goals.”

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