Pub Ocean Provides Publishers with Revenue Attribution Tool Through PubExchange Partnership

Liveyield’s Ability to Connect the Value of Traffic to Pubexchange’s Traffic Exchange Network Provides Real-Time Actionable Insights to Maximize Profitable Partnerships

Pub Ocean, a technology company providing revenue-driven solutions for digital publishers, announced a new partnership with traffic exchange network PubExchange. Pub Ocean’s LiveYield, a real-time revenue analytics platform, will be integrated into PubExchange’s traffic exchange platform. Through the LiveYield integration, PubExchange will be able to provide their customers with insights into the value of the traffic they receive, revenue per session (RPS). Publishers that have several exchange partners, will be able to track which partners provide high-value traffic, through RPS, and optimize those partnerships.

Without actionable revenue data, publishers are unable to optimize their audience development strategies to the best of their abilities. PubExchange’s customers had no way of tracking the RPS of their traffic exchanges, and were not able to fully exploit their most profitable partnerships. Through granular revenue data, digital publishers will now have the visibility required to see which of their partnerships are the most profitable and take steps to maximize the amount of traffic they receive from those partners.

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“We’re very excited about the opportunity to bring actionable insights on traffic value to publishers on PubExchange. LiveYield is now putting a real-time value on the traffic numbers that PubExchange clients have today,” said Chris Ingham Brooke, Founder & CEO of Pub Ocean. “Many publishers don’t realize that, even with an amazing exchange platform like PubExchange, they are missing key metrics that impact their ROI tremendously and allow them to see which partnerships are providing real value. Our partnership with PubExchange helps to solve that marketplace gap.”

PubExchange’s platform allows publishers to trade traffic with other publishers. Through LiveYield, Pub Ocean will help PubExchange’s customers to optimize profitability as they will be given access to granular revenue analytics which they can use to maximize profitable partnerships. No other traffic exchange service provides a revenue attribution tool that enables publishers to measure the value of each and every partnership. PubExchange’s customers will be able to actively track the profitability of their current partnerships and focus on optimizing the most fruitful ones.

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“A major driver in our partnership with Pub Ocean, and LiveYield, was the ability to provide our clients with deeper insights into the traffic they receive from their partners and help them to determine which partnerships they should focus on expanding,” said Evan Appleby, Founder & CEO of PubExchange. “Once we saw the insights that LiveYield was able to deliver to our customers, we knew we needed to make this happen. Pub Ocean shares our mission of helping publishers find the most efficient and informed strategies to drive revenue back to their business.”

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