Stein IAS’ New Report Heralds the Importance of Emotion in B2B Marketing

Understanding how people think and act has always been at the heart of the most powerful consumer marketing. However, a new report from Stein IAS, ‘In Search for the Emotionally-Qualified Lead (EQL)’ reveals why emotionally-lead marketing is just as important in B2B buying decisions.

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A major study by Google and Gartner indicates that, while the average B2C brand has an emotional connection with between 10% and 40% of consumers; seven out of nine B2B brands have emotional connections with more than 50% of their customers.

Reuben Webb, Chief Creative Officer at global B2B marketing agency Stein IAS, stated, “In an age of purpose and now a time of crisis, human emotion is front and center. This is a B2B revolution that’s been building for some time. In embracing digital marketing and marketing technology, many B2B marketers, have placed over-emphasis on such measures as Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales-Qualified Leads (SQL). At Stein IAS, our view is that another measure – the EQL – may be the most meaningful measure of all.”

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Stein IAS’ report looks at different levels of emotional value and how, when combined with rational, functional and economic value, B2B marketing ideas can become much more valuable in the eyes of the customer.

The report points to a campaign developed for long-time client – Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure – that illustrates the application of both emotional and rational value, to create an idea with value. This ultimately yielded one of the most effective, highly-awarded B2B campaigns in years.

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