transcosmos Releases “Virtual Onsite Service,” Hourly Based Ads & Website Operations Services

Boosts cost-effectiveness with hourly-based, remote operations services whilst maintaining service quality

transcosmos inc. released virtual onsite services. The hourly-based services will be offered remotely (from transcosmos operations bases or from home) and will cover various digital marketing services such as advertisement and website operations. Whilst maintaining the quality of operational services at the same level as the transcosmos onsite services offered from clients’ locations, the new services will boost cost-effectiveness.

Businesses, primarily enterprise-level companies across extensive industries, have been driving strategic initiatives to execute integrated digital marketing. In order to satisfy such needs, transcosmos has been offering advertisement and website operations services to 600 clients annually with a team of around 2,300 agents. The services continue to enjoy a high reputation among clients, especially for their cumulative knowledge accumulated through the provision of various operational services across a wide range of industries, as well as for their ability to streamline operations by leveraging both nearshore and offshore bases.

Yet, businesses are now required to be more flexible and to be more cost-effective to keep up with a fast-moving society and business environment. At the same time, started from “Workstyle Reform” initiative, Japanese society as a whole is driving efforts to adopt automation and remote working, and seeking a new way to increase efficiency.

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With the aim of addressing and meeting such changes in the business environment and client needs, transcosmos has released virtual onsite services that enable clients increase operational cost-effectiveness whilst maintaining the service quality at the same level as its traditional onsite, client-exclusive operational services that transcosmos has been offering from each client’s locations. Through these virtual onsite services, transcosmos digital marketing directors execute their duties remotely (from transcosmos bases or from home) on an hourly basis, rather than working onsite from client’s locations.

Distinctive service features include the following:
1. Clients can increase cost-effectiveness by leveraging transcosmos directors who work remotely on hourly basis with their abundant industry specific knowledge.
2. Client-exclusive directors ensure the same level of service quality, stability and reliability as their onsite services.
3. Offer end-to-end services from ad operations to website operations.
4. Clients can utilize the extensive operational knowhow transcosmos has gained with high cost-efficiency.
5. Offer services from transcosmos bases across the globe.

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Building on its proven record in operating multiple bases both in Japan and abroad, transcosmos will deliver virtual onsite services. transcosmos will prepare all necessary communication tools including web conferencing and chat systems, offering the same environment as the current onsite operations services to ensure smooth communication with clients.

Today, a growing number of potential threats such as natural disasters and infectious diseases have made effective business continuity planning (BCP) more important than ever before. With the aim of preparing an environment that ensures business continuity, transcosmos will continue to build services framework with higher flexibility.

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  • Other company names and product or services names used here are trademarks or registered trademarks of respective companies.

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