Undertone Launches ‘Synchromatic Marketplace’ to Deliver High Impact Programmatic Ad Formats

Award-Winning Creative Units Which Provide Superior Performance, Engagement and Viewability – Allowing Brands to Create Synchronized User Experiences – Now Available in Buyers’ Demand Side Platforms of Choice

Perion Network Ltd. announced that Undertone, the creator of cross-platform Synchronized Digital Branding for the world’s most prominent brands, has launched its Synchromatic Marketplace, allowing programmatic access to all of Undertone’s engaging, high-impact digital advertising formats.

@AccessUndertone brings the brand-building power of high-impact ad formats to programmatic with the Synchromatic Marketplace

The Synchromatic Marketplace builds on the insights and data from over two years’ worth of programmatic brand-building on the Undertone platform. It is a solution that delivers across-the-board quality by closing the gaps that have existed between quality and scale. Now, one source delivers brilliant creative, respected publishers and apps at scale; superb viewability; and high engagement. Marketers and agencies can now achieve “Do It Yourself” Synchronized Digital Branding through fast and intuitive programmatic access, using their demand side platform of choice, to purchase from billions available targeted impressions.

“This is a singularly important step in the advancement of our Synchronized Digital Branding platform,” said Doron Gerstel, CEO of Perion. “Programmatic buyers now have unprecedented access to our award-winning ad formats that have industry-leading engagement rates. We have democratized the ability to create a sequentially relevant experience for consumers from awareness to purchase – the full marketing journey. This is personalization at scale – right format, right time, right user, right device.”

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Programmatic marketing has revolutionized digital media. Industry analysts estimate* that programmatic display buying will represent $60 billion in ad spend in the US alone in 2019, and will reach 88% of all display ad buying by 2021. However, due to limitations in the variety of ad formats available, programmatic buyers have lacked the capability to access highly engaging digital creatives, settling instead for standard display units, which offer little in the way of creativity and engagement. Industry sources estimates that up to nearly 40% of ads delivered programmatically – generally including standard display units – are not considered viewable**.

With Undertone’s Synchromatic Marketplace, providing access to its award-winning formats is just the first step in creating the blueprint for high performing campaigns. Undertone certifies each publisher and app developer for quality, brand safety and performance – saving buyers significant time and effort. Its supply footprint boasts direct relationships with quality publishers and apps, including CafeMedia, Maven, Evolve Media, TEGNA and SHE Media and many of the comScore top 100 publishers. Also, Undertone has been recognized as having category-leading verified human traffic and viewability rates by Integral Ad Science.

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Industry Praise for New Innovation

“We have bought rich media units from Undertone through their programmatic platform for the past year. It has been a great success, and we look forward to working with their evolved Synchromatic Marketplace,” said Sean Muzzy, President, North America, Cadreon, IPG MediaBrand’s ad tech unit. “The Synchromatic Marketplace allows us to leverage all the benefits of programmatic buying including ease of activation, full control on pacing and targeting but also enables us to deliver rich media ads that grab consumers attention and are beautifully designed. As a result, we continue to expect to see very strong KPIs for participating brands”.

“We’ve worked with Undertone for several years and were excited to open up our premium inventory across SHE Media to their programmatic buyers. The combination of our brand safe inventory and Undertone’s unique creatives, all of which are available through programmatic pipes, has been a winning proposition for both parties,” said Nick Kaplan, Director of Programmatic, SHE Media. “Undertone has successfully opened our inventory to programmatically traded incremental revenue that wasn’t previously accessible. Traders through all major DSP’s can now buy any of Undertone’s high-impact units across our sites including Sheknows.com, Hollywoodlife.com, Stylecaster.com, and the rest of SHE Media’s publisher partners. We thrilled to be partners with Undertone and are excited about this decision.”

“At Havas, we understand the power of programmatic buying, but feel like the basic ad units most often utilized do not match the sophistication of the platforms being used,” said Bill Santare, VP, Programmatic Strategy at Havas Media. “In the Undertone Synchromatic Marketplace, we have a partner that enables us to leverage the benefits of programmatic buying being paired with engaging, high-impact creative units.”

Additionally, Undertone has completed compatibility tests with every major demand side platform including The Trade Desk and Google’s DV 360; allowing buyers to begin transacting immediately. Programmatic buyers may also work with Undertone’s award-winning creative group, Pixl Studios, for creative strategy and design services.

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