VideoByte Partners with DoubleVerify to Eliminate Invalid Traffic

Investing in technology to future-proof the business of CTV

VideoByte, a leading provider of Connected TV (CTV) advertising technology, selects DoubleVerify as their premiere partner to ensure the VideoByte platform benefits advertisers, publishers, and users with quality data and controls. DoubleVerify is a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, with strong capabilities in CTV inventory and the app ecosystem.

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With the CTV space growing rapidly, publishers and advertisers need confidence in the data powering revenue and performance. VideoByte’s industry-first Compliance Toolset ensures the futureproofing of CTV with the detection and filtration of invalid traffic through DoubleVerify’s industry-leading solution. As one of the first companies to get MRC accreditation for ad impression measurement and SIVT, including app fraud in CTV, DoubleVerify is essential to establish quality across the platform.

“DoubleVerify is leading the way when it comes to CTV measurement,” said Nicholas Frazee, CRO for VideoByte. “We wanted to continue to partner with companies such as DoubleVerify so we can offer innovative capabilities for all of our partners through third-party verification and controls.”

“We are proud of the innovation that DoubleVerify has achieved in driving media quality controls and measurement in the CTV space,” added Steven Woolway, EVP, business development for DoubleVerify. “Our partnership with VideoByte demonstrates the value of a leading CTV provider embracing DV’s solutions to offer a superior product to marketers.”

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Viewers are moving from linear television to CTV, highlighting an opportunity for publishers to monetize and guarantee clients that their advertisements will reach more people. With CTV being a newer technology, the industry faces challenges with measuring quality. DoubleVerify has a comprehensive set of solutions tailored to CTV environments and is a leader in detection and prevention against new fraud schemes across all inventory types and devices. DoubleVerify is fully deterministic and, as demonstrated in a head-to-head case study, is proven to be more accurate than the competition when it comes to detecting Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT).

The DoubleVerify and VideoByte partnership will also assist publishers in intelligently optimizing demand sources. With a more granular understanding of apps, traffic and categories, both businesses are helping publishers to increase yield and revenue.

Marketing Technology News: MarTech Interview with Paul Lewis, CMO at Adzuna

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