Puczko & Stackpole Announce the Publication of “Marketing Handbook for Health Tourism”

Co-authors, Laszlo Puczko, CEO and Co-Founder of Health Tourism Worldwide, and Irving Stackpole, President of Stackpole & Associates, announce the publication of their “Marketing Handbook for Health Tourism”.

Designed to guide wellness, health, and medical travel organizations through a review, renewal, and updating of their marketing efforts, this practical handbook is filled with a balance of marketing theory, cases studies, examples, and exercises. It includes all the marketing essentials – your audience, offer, brand, message, customer experience, pricing, market research, digital marketing, and more.

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According to Irving Stackpole, “Deciding to publish the handbook during the pandemic makes sense for several reasons. The impact of COVID-19 has changed health travel and providers have the opportunity to reposition their marketing efforts in line with changed consumer expectations. Crisis communication skills continue to be vital as we face surges then relaxing of restrictions especially on travel”.

Laszlo Puczko add, “With the pandemic, people are much more focused on wellness and health services but the demand is low because of the restrictions. Once vaccines are distributed and the borders reopen, there will be a rush to travel. Health travel providers should plan their marketing strategies and tactics now. Our Handbook will help them prepare”.

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