Quivers Lets Brands Take Control of VIP Programs With Ambassador Relationship Management


New Platform Feature Allows Specialty Brands to Incentivize, Track and Reward Prosumers

Quivers, the leading commerce platform for specialty brands and retailers, announced the addition of Ambassador Relationship Management (ARM) — an update to Quivers’ Collaborative Sales that allows brands to track the impact and return on investment (ROI) of ambassadors, prosumers and influencers.

Optimize, Measure and Track VIP Programs

Securing promotion from the perfect ambassador or influencer can give additional exposure and unlock unprecedented revenue. Quivers Ambassador Relationship Management (ARM) gives brands instant access to vital data from their influencers and prosumers, including individual breakdowns of sales and ROI.

ARM incorporates extensive tracking of exclusive programs and locates this alongside Quivers VIP Stores — the place where these campaigns are launched. Brands are able to leverage current data to monetize the influencer channel accurately and effectively. The data ARM provides also helps brands make key decisions and shape strategy for future ambassador programs. Not to mention, ARM helps ambassadors, pros, and influencers to drive more traffic to your website resulting in increased conversion rates.

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“With ARM and the Ambassador Portal, we’ve moved one step closer to turning ambassador programs into an exact science,”  said Ruben Martin, CEO of Quivers. “Combined with extensive tools found in the rest of the Quivers Collaborative Commerce suite, Quivers is now a necessity for specialty brands and retailers looking to boost ROI, streamline operations, and increase sales.”

Ambassador Relationship Management enables brands to:

  • Launch a comprehensive portal for ambassadors to learn about the brand, purchase discounted products, and refer consumers.
  • Track and calculate the ROI of ambassadors, prosumers, and influencers through the ARM update of Quivers.
  • Benefit from incentivized ambassadors competing against each other on the gamified Ambassador Portal leaderboard.
  • Analyze the revenue ambassadors are driving through shopping environments and monetize the influencer channel accurately.

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