Kiite and Vidyard Partner to Bring the Power of Video to Kiite Playbooks

Kiite’s Partnership With Vidyard Brings Video Content to Kiite’s Playbooks Offering, Which Makes Knowledge, Training, and Coaching More Accessible to Employees

Kiite, a leading provider of sales enablement software, has announced a new partnership with Vidyard, the top video platform for business. Kiite provides organizations with a scalable solution to connect disparate knowledge sources, capture tribal knowledge, and build focused sales playbooks to help teams maximize every interaction with buyers. Kiite’s partnership with Vidyard now allows sales team to leverage the content in their Vidyard library to enrich the onboarding process, provide context to written content, and scale knowledge within sales teams.

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“Sales teams are often working with a number of complex products across a variety of customers and verticals at any given time, and the knowledge they need to be successful in managing these deals isn’t easily accessible to them, in the moment they need it,” explains Joseph Fung, co-founder and CEO of Kiite. “We created Kiite Playbooks to make it easy for organizations to capture and deliver the knowledge their sales teams need, and so frequently these nuggets of business critical information are being captured in the videos that salespeople are creating to communicate both internally and with their customers. We’re thrilled to bring Vidyard’s capabilities to Kiite and enrich the content experience for high-performing sales teams.”

“Video is at the core of our customer and employee communications, and having Vidyard’s functionality embedded in the Kiite platform is a huge win,” says Megan Durnford, Sales Enablement Manager at “By giving our managers and leaders the ability to quickly record and embed videos in our playbooks, we can now deliver more organized onboarding, more thorough training, and better coaching.”

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Kiite’s partnership with Vidyard was driven, in part, by analyzing the 5000+ playbooks that have been created by Kiite’s customers and understanding how these playbooks could be more useful and relevant. Most Kiite customers are using video to help onboard and train sales teams, communicate major internal initiatives, and engage with customers, but didn’t have a mechanism to integrate these knowledge-rich assets with their processes.

“Video is a better way to communicate with customers, partners and employees, but until now has not been easy to use within our day-to-day business workflows,” says Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO of Vidyard. “With the Vidyard partner ecosystem, we’re changing that. We enable solution providers to add video capture, sharing and tracking capabilities to their existing apps via a turnkey, no-cost solution. Together with our partner ecosystem, we’re helping businesses go video in a way that simply connects with how they do business today.”

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