LevelJump Launches Gong Integration To Unite Outcome-Based Enablement and Revenue Intelligence

Build enablement programs that drive better conversations and prove the revenue impact with LevelJump and Gong

LevelJump is proud to announce a game-changing integration with Gong to unite Revenue Intelligence and Outcome-Based Enablement.

Go-to-market teams are searching for clarity about their customers. At the same time, sales enablement professionals are searching for clarity about their onboarding and training programs to understand what works and what doesn’t.

“We absolutely believe that customer excitement is the real measure of our success, and that excitement comes from using data to prove the impact of their most important sales initiatives,” says Amit Bendov, CEO and Co-Founder of Gong. “LevelJump extends that proof even further, bridging the gap between enablement teams and revenue outcomes.”

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Revenue Intelligence & Outcome-Based Enablement

LevelJump is bringing companies closer to their customers. Gong’s world-class AI exposes insights faster and more accurately than ever before, while Outcome-Based Enablement takes those insights and uses them to guide sellers to milestone achievement, show business outcomes, and continually improve programs for better revenue results.

“We believe that revenue outcomes should drive the enablement agenda, but organizations often don’t know how to achieve the outcomes they’ve identified,” says David Bloom, Founder + CEO of LevelJump. “With Gong and LevelJump, our customers can identify what delivers sales outcomes, then automate their achievement from within Salesforce™. It helps our customers get it done and do it right, faster.”

Key features of the LevelJump and Gong integration:

  1. Embedded conversations: Embed Gong trackers and interaction metrics as milestones in LevelJump programs, enabling quality conversations between sellers and prospects.

  2. Enablement optimization: Tie Gong milestone achievement to program performance and business outcomes and get insights on what’s working across your entire sales process.

  3. Revenue + enablement attribution: Track the impact that call quality has on your bottom line in Salesforce™, attribute readiness programs to revenue, and optimize seller performance over time.

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“Gong’s revenue intelligence gives us the insights we need to understand what leads to long-term sales success, particularly as we roll out new product lines,” says Paul Snelson, VP Sales at TouchBistro. “We’ve embedded those insights into LevelJump enablement and readiness programs, which allows us to test, validate, and track what behaviour leads to closed deals. It’s a total game changer for how we hone our revenue engine.”

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