MindTickle Announces Partnership with Corporate Visions to Enhance Virtual Sales Training

“Virtual Better Than Live” Initiative Seeks to Maximize Time in the Field While Also Improving the Impact of Training on Business Results

MindTickle, the leader in sales readiness and enablement technology, announced a partnership with Corporate Visions, the leading marketing and sales messaging and skills training company, to better prepare sales teams for conversations that acquire customers and expand their businesses. As organizations seek to maximize revenue and drive brand affinity, they’re looking to better enable and prepare their sales representatives to engage customers in unique and valuable ways. The combination of messaging, content and skills training led by Corporate Visions and powered by MindTickle delivers just-in-time, situational learning and support while maximizing sales’ time in the field connecting with customers and prospects.

“The MindTickle and Corporate Visions partnership provides customers with a proven, modern training approach to develop overall sales competency and customer-facing capabilities while generating rich insights on their ability to have effective sales interactions,” said Gopkiran Rao, senior vice president of strategy and go to market at MindTickle. “MindTickle believes that nothing is more important to a company’s ability to grow revenue and build a brand than enabling every customer-facing team to be on message and on task every time they interact with a prospect or customer. Our collaboration with Corporate Visions is focused on maximizing the skill curve by applying innovative technology to powerful content for systematic skill development and in-field execution. The partnership with Corporate Visions also enables us to reach a broader set of organizations and help these customers achieve that goal.”

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In order to achieve long-term retention of knowledge and skills, Corporate Visions and MindTickle apply a globally scalable, multi-touch, online program for learning, checking, practicing, coaching and ongoing reinforcement. The approach is more comprehensive and flexible than the traditional live event- or virtual event-based training. The improved impact is evidenced by recent randomized, dual variant field tests showing this new virtual approach significantly improves the confidence level of salespeople to leverage new skills and produces similar levels of measurable impact in areas such as pipeline creation and closed-won deals.

“By leveraging the Corporate Visions content with the MindTickle platform, we can confidently incorporate more virtual training into our development and certification programs without sacrificing impact and effectiveness,” said Denise Freier, chief executive officer of the Strategic Account Managers Association. “It provides us with an always-on alternative to calendar-based, classroom training which helps busy sales leaders participate when it works best for them when they need it most, and regardless of where they are in the world.”

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Mary Shea, Ph.D., Forrester Research Principal Analyst, writes in the report Now Tech: Sales Readiness Tools, Q2 2018, published on March 28, 2018, that, “As the bar continues to rise for salespeople, B2B marketing and sales leaders must modernize training for their sellers. Event-based sales training falls short for all constituents. This approach is time-consuming, expensive, and lacks analytics.”

“Traditional training approaches and programs take reps out of the field longer and consume more resources than companies feel they can afford. This new approach provides an option that is more efficient and is starting to demonstrate, when properly employed, it can be more effective than classroom events,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy officer at Corporate Visions. “This means companies can do more training, as well as stand up programs more quickly and for more people when they need to launch a strategic initiative like a new product, a price increase, key messaging, competitive response or critical skills refresh.”

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