C&Wj Cooperative Union Redefines Internal Communication & Brand Visibility With Pickcel


The Jamaican bank with 20+ footprints in the country deploys Pickcel digital signage to give its internal marketing a boost.

The all-inclusive digital signage software of Pickcel proves to be a rational choice for C&WJ’s digital transformation endeavors to bridge the communication gap between the management and bank’s customers as well as the management and the employees.

Conveying messages about a new product launch like new policies, loan schemes, deposit plans, changes in interest rates to the community members was increasingly becoming a challenge for the bank. Notifying all the members at once at 20+ branches seemed necessary but quite impossible.

Our content designing apps & widgets empower the rising brands in the BFSI sector to enjoy seamless communication”

— Basudev Saha, CTO & Co-Founder of Pickcel

The bank, therefore, installed 22 Smart TVs that run on Windows and Android OS. Pickcel’s software supports a range of compatible media players. This allowed a frictionless installation.

Pickcel’s cloud-based digital signage solution now allows C&WJ to run spontaneous product & service promotions, launch campaigns, and tell brand stories on all their on-premise displays across the branches. The solution also mitigates communication issues between management and the employees. Urgent notices, announcements, scheme changes, interest rate corrections, and data sharing have now been simplified. Employees now receive information directly from the screens without toggling between tabs and windows on their systems for new emails, messages, notices, and newsletters. From the employees’ perspective, the solution saves time, helps focus on vital work matters, and improves productivity. The client observes better employee communication and engagement already.

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The CTO & Co-Founder of Pickcel, Basudev Saha comments, “Communication is a broad category, especially for the BFSI sector. When C&WJ approached us for internal marketing & communication, we took the challenge as a new stepping stone towards success for both the parties. The promptness and proficiency with which we worked on the project speaks for our efficacy.” He added, “Internal marketing is a constant struggle for the BFSI industry. But our cloud digital signage solution with ample content designing apps & widgets empowers the rising brands in the BFSI sector to enjoy seamless communication.”

According to C&WJ authorities, internal training sessions now consume minimum time and effort as they can present the training videos on digital signage screens across the branches. Helping employees and customers with ‘how-to-guides’ for account opening, loan application, etc., is also a simple task now.

Apart from the video marketing campaigns and product features on slides, the bank now displays weather updates, RSS Feeds, AQI, local news, stock market news, and more. Thus, they successfully connect employees and visitors to the brand.

Pickcel software features at a glance:

● Pickcel, a cloud-based software, allows its users to access and manage the digital signage content from any location and device.
● Various in-built apps, widgets, and platform integration solutions make it easy for clients to update signage content effortlessly.
● Users can segment the screens into several zones and run multiple contents simultaneously on each screen.
● Pickcel is a hardware-neutral software that amicably connects with all media players and operating systems.
● The software comes with Canva integration features. It helps even novice users to create professional designs for a wide range of content.
● The software comes with tailoring features based on clients’ needs. They can customize the interface, features, apps, and technicalities with special
tech support from Pickcel’s end.

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