Doxim Expands Market Reach, Announces Launch of Omnichannel CCM Solution in the UK

Doxim, the leading customer communications management (CCM) and engagement technology provider serving financial and regulated markets, today officially announced that it will expand the market reach of its omnichannel CCM solution by launching the platform in the United Kingdom.

Doxim’s CCM empowers customer experience leaders and business users to truly own the shift from print to digital. To enable its clients to excel in omnichannel communications and realize the business value of all customer interactions, Doxim’s CCM platform includes all the capabilities and self-serve tools business users from operations, to marketing, to customer service need to create consistent, personalized, connected customer experiences.

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Doxim CCM is different; we offer a modern SaaS software platform which offers tailored solutions as a single reliable technology partner with strong vision and ability to execute — Doxim President & CEO Michael Rogalski

Over the past year, the digital shift that occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted organizations to seek ways to adopt new methods of communication while still delivering a personalized experience. This is especially true in the financial services, insurance, and public service sectors, where customers demand the same levels of service they’re used to, even if they’re not able to get them in person.

“Doxim’s CCM solution addresses a lot of the pain-points organizations have when it comes to customer communication,” says James Hall, Commercial Director at Doxim. “Whether it’s building society statements, insurance policy updates, or council tax and rental statements, the platform will allow UK organizations to communicate with their customers on the channels they’re most comfortable with messaging tailored to their specific needs.”

In addition, Doxim’s CCM solution provides the benefit of a single vendor for all aspects of print and digital documents and communications:

  • Document and communications composition, template, content, and asset management
  • Enterprise content management, archival, and ePresentment
  • Self-serve correspondence management
  • Omnichannel delivery of communications, including email, web, mobile, SMS, IVR, and secure online portals
  • Digital business messaging, customer service messaging and two-way interactions
  • Email marketing and campaign management
  • Advanced customer preferences management and personalization
  • Digital document accessibility
  • Reporting and analytics

“At Doxim, we believe an all-inclusive CCM platform is the foundation on which to build exceptional customer experiences and continuously improve the quality and speed at which the organization can create, manage, and deliver all types of customer communications,” said Hall. “Consolidating all customer communications onto a single platform from one vendor at a predictable cost can save significant time and money and allow valuable resources to focus on growing the core business.”

Accessibility of communications is a key focus

“Our CCM solution also ensures that an organization’s communications are fully accessible to people with disabilities,” says Hall. “That’s increasingly important, not only because legislation demands it but because disabled people represent a much bigger portion of an organization’s customer base than most realize. In the UK, for instance, an estimated 19% of working-age adults live with a disability, as does 45% of the pension age population. This translates to 14.1 million people who reported living with a disability.”

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Among the accessibility features included in Doxim’s CCM solution are:

  • Digital document accessibility: accessible PDF and HTML documents
  • Accessible physical formats: large print and Braille
  • Accessible end consumer online portals
  • Complete solution from template development to accessible statement – composition, production, and delivery via digital channels and mail
  • Creation of accessible documents at scale based on compliant and tested templates meeting WCAG 2.0 AA standards

“I am truly excited about the unique value Doxim CCM can deliver to our clients in all the verticals that we serve,” said Michael Rogalski, President and CEO of Doxim. “Doxim CCM is different; we offer a modern SaaS software platform which offers tailored solutions as a single reliable technology partner with strong vision and ability to execute. We have the technology, scale and stability to support our clients while being nimble, visionary and innovative.”