Infinite Blue, a leading provider of business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning and response management software, has enhanced its mass communication solution, Sendigo. Built within BC in the Cloud, Sendigo offers the only seamless BC/DR and mass notification solution in a single product environment for companies needing to prepare, plan, and respond to threats that impact their organizations.

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Sendigo has recently been enhanced using the latest technology and is built with scalability in mind. Rather than solely taking care of a customer’s immediate needs, Sendigo is designed to flex with a customer as their organization grows as well as their usage of a mass notification tool.

“The need for organizations to provide clear communications to their employees has never been greater,” said Frank Shultz, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Infinite Blue. “Mass notification systems and scenario-based messages are proven to lessen confusion and strengthen the visibility of leadership. We have put a strong emphasis on keeping things modern and clean so the only thing our customers need to focus on is composing the message, while Sendigo takes care of the rest for delivery.”

Sendigo allows notifications to be sent via multi-channel (SMS, email, voice and/or Microsoft Teams) to do everything from validating employee safety to reducing recovery times. Some key features of Sendigo include scheduled messages, group messages, message acknowledgement, templates, polling options, reporting, and a geo-fencing lasso that allows you to determine recipients by defining a perimeter on a map.

Infinite Blue’s flagship application, BC in the Cloud helps companies with a commitment to organizational resiliency by providing an intuitive, full featured product with shared data, automated workflows, reporting and embedded mass notification. It is further enhanced with our Advisory services. This product has the flexibility to meet the unique needs of customers and their level of BC/DR maturity. Built on Infinite Blue’s low-code platform, it allows for greater product flexibility and quick implementation of enhancements.

BC in the Cloud is used worldwide by more than 500,000 users and serves more Fortune 10 companies than any other BC/DR planning solution.

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