Vonage Powers Carbyne Next-Generation Emergency Response System

Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, is powering an intelligent emergency response system for Carbyne, a public safety technology company. Leveraging Vonage SMS and Messages APIs, Carbyne’s platform enables live communications between first responders and Emergency Call Centers (ECC), and those in need of emergency assistance.

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Carbyne’s platform enables the retrieval of an accurate caller location, streaming a live video session and instant chat with ECCs in real time without the requirement of an app. This simple process is performed via an activation link that is delivered via the Vonage SMS API to the caller directly from the ECC using Carbyne’s platform. The caller and first responder are then connected via video where they can attend to the emergency on hand.

Carbyne’s platform has enabled emergency callers to stream more than one million minutes of live video to ECCs, for Carbyne to deliver over 155 million location points a year.

The unprecedented, situational awareness powered by Carbyne through Vonage APIs helps to save lives as the efficiency of dispatch is magnified with precise caller location received by the call center. As location is the most critical element in emergency response, the ability to know a caller’s exact location means that forces can be dispatched faster than ever before.

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With Vonage, Carbyne reports that its solution delivers information to first responders 50% faster than traditional emergency services and has also reduced the number of unnecessary ambulances dispatched to emergencies by 42%, enabling them to be more efficient in their service and helping to save thousands of lives each year.

“We chose Vonage over other providers and solutions for its broad and global visibility into SMS delivery via the Vonage APIs,” said Amir Elichai, CEO & Founder of Carbyne. “With the ability to globally track message delivery, receipt, click rates, and so much more, Vonage APIs give us the power to reach callers, with extreme reliability – and help us save more lives.

“Vonage has also provided ongoing consultative services to us that extend past deployment, helping us to address any new challenges that arise in our very important work as emergency service providers.”

“We are honored to be working with Carbyne to help fuel this innovative and life saving service,” said Eric Le Guiniec, EVP Global Sales for Vonage. “There is no limit to the ways in which Vonage APIs can help businesses to create incredible solutions that change the way we communicate, do business and live our lives.”

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