Altify Introduces Augmented Intelligence for Guided Account Planning and Sales Acceleration

New Altify Summer ‘18 Release Coaches Sales Teams, Provides GDPR Compliant Data Export, Enhances Salesforce Quip Collaboration

Altify, the pioneer in digital sales transformation software for businesses worldwide, announces its Summer 2018 product release. The new version of Altify’s flagship platform features the introduction of augmented intelligence into account planning, delivering best practice sales coaching directly into the application to help sales teams more effectively add value and find new potential opportunities.

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The Summer ’18 release also provides increased data security with compliance to the data protection regulation, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enhanced team collaboration capabilities including the option to export account and opportunity plans to Quip, Salesforce’s collaboration platform, and new growth services to accelerate product adoption.

Altify’s augmented intelligence solution, Altify Max, provides account reps and sales teams with real-time advice on next steps to enhance and manage opportunities and account plans.

For example, Max can suggest risks to deal advancement or closure, prompt sales reps to schedule account reviews, or suggest how to capture insights that will advance account strategies to build a new pipeline and new opportunities in the account. Augmented intelligence from Altify guides, trains and supports salespeople, reducing the time it takes for new hires to be productive. Previously only available for opportunities, the addition of augmented intelligence to account plans gives sales teams actionable insights to upsell and cross-sell, helping them uncover new opportunities in their existing accounts.

“Enterprise selling and account management require the sales team to have a deep understanding of people and problems to navigate the account,” says Anthony Reynolds, CEO of Altify.

Anthony added, “Our Summer ‘18 release transforms enterprise selling by bringing augmented intelligence directly into the account plan, providing sales leaders and teams with the coaching and guidance they need to sell more effectively every day.”

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“The capability to provide our global sales teams with real-time coaching and guidance based on best practices from Altify directly into the account planning application will only serve to further enhance our sales effectiveness,” notes Jane Freeman, VP Global Sales Excellence, SDL. “We are looking forward to deploying the Summer ‘18 release enhancements and to benefiting from the increased performance the release will provide us.”

Additional Altify Summer ’18 Product and Service Enhancements

Enhanced GDPR compliance

Altify is a 100% native Salesforce application and organizations can be confident that their data is safe and is compliant with GDPR. The Summer ’18 release provides customers with the option for custom data output with an EU end-point, enabling export to MSFT Word or PPT functionality while ensuring the data stays in the European Union.

Team collaboration with Quip

The Summer ‘18 release features improvements to the relationship map including improvements to the Altify Relationship Map Live App that users can embed in a Quip document. Summer ‘18 also enables export to Quip for Opportunity Management and Account Plans directly into a Quip document to get the entire sales team involved and aligned in team selling.

User experience improvements

The latest release features improvements across all levels of the application including the expansion of Relationship Map to allow more contacts. This functionality is critical for enterprise sellers who need to keep track of hundreds of people in an account and across multiple opportunities.

New growth services to enable wider adoption

To address the needs of larger organizations to move faster with high adoption and enable more salespeople, Altify is announcing new growth services offerings. The new offerings provide coaching and training to senior sales leaders, frontline sales managers, and enterprise field sales teams.

Currently, Altify is recognized as the digital sales transformation software company, helping sales teams win the opportunities that matter, grow revenue in their key accounts and improve sales execution with guided selling. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Altify helps salespeople, sales leaders and executives achieve sustained revenue growth and sales success.

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