HG Insights Launches New Market Intelligence Product to Help B2B Companies Improve Their Go-to-Market Performance

Granular market intelligence from HG Insights provides go-to-market teams with actionable insights for everything from strategic planning to campaign execution

HG Insights, the global leader in technology intelligence, recently launched its new market intelligence product, a key addition to their existing portfolio of business intelligence solutions. HG’s Market Intelligence delivers the actionable insights business leaders need to understand their markets in depth, make better business decisions and go-to-market (GTM) with confidence.

For most B2B companies, traditional market planning is limited to static, top-down analyst reports that are not customizable at the account level. Consequently, these reports do not typically deliver the account intelligence revenue teams need to engage with prospects and customers most effectively.

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Market Intelligence from HG Insights is based on detailed insights from millions of verified technology installations worldwide. The data includes granular information on what technology products companies have installed, what they spend on their tech stack by product category, and the contract terms associated with their IT purchases. This trio of data sets powers detailed, customizable views of the entire installed technology ecosystem so that:

  • Strategy teams can size their markets by technology solution, IT spend budget, region, industry and a number of other factors, allowing them to find their best opportunities and allocate their resources more efficiently.
  • Product teams can prioritize their product initiatives by using deep insights on market trends and competitors to confirm the demand for their product and determine the size of their GTM opportunity.
  • Sales and marketing teams can use detailed account information to optimize sales territories, target the accounts with the highest propensity to buy their specific solution, improve their account-based programs by engaging prospects with relevant messages, and increase the overall efficiency of their revenue pipeline from prospect to closed won.

“Business leaders need more than high-level market reports to make successful go-to-market decisions,” said Rana Kanaan, Executive Vice President of Product at HG Insights. “With our actionable market intelligence offering, we are giving our customers the ability to customize their market views by the attributes they care about most and operationalize intelligence for their revenue teams. This allows them to allocate resources more effectively, prioritize the right product initiatives, and give their sales and marketing teams the account details they need to pursue the best opportunities.”

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What Customers Are Saying About HG Insights’ Market Intelligence Solution

“The HG Insights IT spend data broken down into different budget categories is amazing, and so is the detailed tech install base view. HG Insights helps us identify which accounts our sales team should pursue so that we don’t waste resources on prospects that don’t have the intention or budget to buy from us. The result is that we’ve become a lot more strategic in our decision-making and much more efficient at finding and winning new accounts.”

– Paul Gibbs, Juniper Networks, Chief of Staff – EMEA Enterprise

“The HG Insights Market Intelligence platform allows us to segment and target our marketing outreach more precisely. We can now identify the specific technology products our prospects have installed and what they spend on them by IT category, industry, region and a variety of other attributes that are important to us. As a result, we’re able to fill our pipeline with the right type of prospects, close deals faster, and avoid wasting our marketing budgets on accounts that aren’t a good fit for us.”

– Andrea Leonhardt, Senior Product Manager at Equinix

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