Spiff Redesigns Commissioning Software to Deliver Unprecedented Ease-of-Use, Speed, Power and Flexibility to Corporate Leaders

Spiff’s Commission Designer is the first enterprise compensation platform that is easier to use than a spreadsheet

Spiff, the leading sales compensation software for forward-thinking revenue and sales organizations, announced the availability of its redesigned Commission Designer. The platform represents the sales performance management industry’s first enterprise-grade compensation platform that is easier to use than a spreadsheet.

“Sales is the lifeblood of every organization and motivating them is essential, but one of the enduring headaches for corporate management teams is updating complex commission software or spreadsheets,” Jeron Paul, CEO, Spiff, said. “This redesign focuses on the ability to make changes easily, empowering leaders to update thousands of statements in seconds and see thousands of proposed changes faster than you would in a spreadsheet. This product reaffirms our goal of constantly innovating on behalf of our customers by enabling sales ops and finance professionals to harness powerful automation software.”

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According to independent research firm Gartner, the sales performance management market grew by 14 percent in 2019 and companies saved as much as five percent in compensation expenses after implementing a solution. The commission process involves a cross section of corporate leadership – CEO, operations, finance, sales, and human resources are all routinely involved in developing and managing commission programs – and is often complicated by manual processes that are prone to human error. The redesign, which is being launched with existing Spiff clients throughout the month of January, turns the process of adding, building, and maintaining commission logic from something daunting and ambiguous into a simple step-by-step workflow.

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“The platform has been extremely easy to use and presents the steps of creating a compensation plan in a logical, easy to follow order. It puts everything you need, connector fields, rules, etc. in a unified location, which has saved us a lot of time,” Rebecca Elgin, manager of sales operations at AGDATA, said. “I’ve also been very impressed with how quickly the Spiff team has continued to make improvements based on customer feedback.”

Spiff Commission Designer simplifies the management of commission design by creating a step-by-step workflow that is repeatable and easy to understand, providing users with the ability to preview commission designs in real-time and in context. Customers can get up and running faster, resulting in earlier implementations and centralization of the experience building their plans.

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