Searchspring Introduces Personalized Search & Merchandising, Helping Merchants Increase Revenue and Customer Loyalty Through Tailored Shopper Experiences

As part of its suite of personalization products, Searchspring’s Personalized Search & Merchandising provides custom search results and category page recommendations for each shopper

Searchspring, the global leader in site search, merchandising, and personalization, today announced the launch of Personalized Search & Merchandising — a new addition to Searchspring’s suite of personalization products. Personalization is the number one concern for ecommerce merchants in today’s shopping environment. This is because personalization helps drive conversions and create a better customer experience through the entire shopper lifecycle. With Searchspring’s Personalized Search & Merchandising, merchants deliver tailored, highly relevant recommendations, improve new product discovery, and enable faster purchasing.

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“Consumers expect tailoring on every site they visit”

The new product generates unique search results and category page recommendations based on customer behavior beginning at the earliest stages of the shopper journey. Each action a shopper takes enables merchants to collect customer data and get the right product to the right person at the right time.

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With Personalized Search & Merchandising, merchants can boost:

  • Products a shopper previously viewed
  • Recommended products based on a shopper’s preferences
  • Complementary products to the items in a shopper’s cart
  • Preferred categories or brands based on a shopper’s previous views and orders

These capabilities ensure Searchspring customers spend less manual effort curating search results to maximize conversion and instead trust personalization to handle this on their behalf.

“Consumers expect tailoring on every site they visit,” said Peter Messana, CEO, Searchspring. “Searchspring’s deep level of personalization helps merchants drive a great shopper experience that increases shopper conversion, and Personalized Search & Merchandising is a key component to that strategy.”

Personalized Search & Merchandising is part of Searchspring’s overall personalization suite of products, including the ability to personalize category pages and product recommendations.

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