UnDigital Unveils Industry’s First Package Insert Marketplace

Marketplace Empowers Retailers to Monetize Packages at Scale While Arming Advertisers with New, Highly Effective Channel for Awareness and Sales

UnDigital, the industry’s first package insert marketplace, launched giving advertisers of all sizes access to an inventory of over 300 million packages for insert ads, while empowering retailers to transform package overhead into a bottom-line business driver. Dozens of retailers like Barnes & Noble College and Lands’ End have already joined the marketplace to take advantage of the newfound revenue opportunity.

With billions of packages shipped annually, insert advertising is a greenfield opportunity that the UnDigital marketplace is bringing scalability to for the first time ever. It lets growth marketers reach new consumers in a measurable, testable channel with positive brand association and guaranteed viewability. It lets retailers monetize shipments, create a new revenue stream and provide an additional offer curation service to their customers.

Using UnDigital, retailers post a monthly listing with the number of expected package shipments and the maximum number of inserts they will accept for each package. Advertisers can specify the number of packages that they’re willing to take at a preset purchase price per package that the retailer determines and upload the accompanying campaign creative. The retailers see all purchases in real-time and can approve which advertisers can insert ads into their packages.

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The marketplace is just part of the value that UnDigital introduces to retailers and advertisers on the platform. The company also manages printing and payment logistics. Within a week of accepting the advertising purchase, UnDigital will ensure the package inserts are delivered to the retailer’s shipping facility, ready to be inserted into the appropriate packages.

Comments on the News

  • “Building brand association with leading retailers and getting your message in front of active buyers is a tremendous opportunity, but package inserts traditionally had complicated logistics and neither the retailer nor advertiser knew where to begin,” said Ryan Millman, co-founder and CEO of UnDigital. “UnDigital strips the process of unnecessary friction, allowing retailers to turn packages into profit and providing advertisers with a new channel to reach engaged consumers with an impactful ROI. We guarantee a 100 percent open rate in a digital world where advertisers have grown used to diminishing click-through rates.”
  • “While consumers of all ages are reliant on screens, that doesn’t negate the power of a piece of paper. In-package inserts distributed via UnDigital’s unique platform will aid our ability to capture the college consumer brands covet,” said Lisa Malat, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Barnes & Noble College. “UnDigital adds another vehicle for us to seamlessly inform students about products and deals to enhance their college experience. The ease of execution of the platform takes logistics out of the equation and gives Barnes & Noble College oversight to curate messages that reach the six million students served across college campuses nationwide. A win-win all around.”

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