ZW Data Action Technologies Inc. Authorized as a Business Expansion Service Provider for

Jointly Empower Merchants All Sales Channels

ZW Data Action Technologies, Inc., an integrated online advertising, precision marketing, data analytics, and other value-added services company, today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary ChinaNet Online (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. was authorized by, a business expansion service provider for JD’s WanDianBao business. WanDianBao is a micro service for JD online stores. It can assist enterprises to quickly and conveniently start the e-commerce marketing model and occupy the market.

JD, positioned as a leading supply chain-based technology and service provider, is one of the two largest B2C online retailers in China by trading volume and revenue, and the first integrated e-commerce platform in China to list on the stock market in the United States. As of the first quarter of 2021, JD’s platform has nearly 500 million active users, covering retail, technology, logistics, health, insurance, development and overseas fields. In addition, it is a member of the Fortune Global 500.

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ZW Data was authorized as WanDianBao’s business development services provider, including business expansion and customer services. We can add blockchain resume services to JD’s microservices to help microshops use the blockchain to increase the authenticity and trust for their products. ZW Data assists WanDianBao in establishing relationships with tens of thousands of merchants through inbound and outbound traffic, especially through private domain traffic, gathering potential customers interested in joining, and building a huge resource pool. In addition, combined with the capabilities of WanDianBao, ZW Data’s merchants could quickly build exclusive private domain online shopping malls, expand store sales categories, implement asset-light and burden-free sales business model, and carry out private domain refined operation cooperation through JD’s supply chain connectivity, which forms a strategic synergy with ZW Data’s new retail business. By deeply connecting the diversified business of JD, ZW Data joins hands with a high-quality ecological partner in the industry to strengthen the competitiveness of marketing, continuously stimulate the innovation and vitality of WanDianBao’s business ecosystem and achieve the organic growth of ZW Data’s commercial business.

“ZW Data is committed to the implementation of the full spectrum of marketing promotion services supported by big data, such as big data marketing, traffic advertising, private domain operations, content marketing, and others for customers to explore new methods of the Uni Marketing. ZW Data will invest more advantageous resources and have more long-term and in-depth cooperation with JD in the future in the area of Uni Marketing,” commented Handong Cheng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ZW Data.

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