Classy Launches Classy for Facebook Integration to Help Nonprofit Fundraisers Expand Reach

The announcement of the new integration was made today at the company’s conference for nonprofit professionals, Collaborative: Virtual Sessions

Classy, creator of world-class online fundraising software for nonprofits, announces the launch of Classy for Facebook. The announcement was made during a keynote speech by Classy CEO, Scot Chisolm, during the company’s conference for nonprofit professionals, Collaborative: Virtual Sessions. This expanded product offering provides a direct integration with Facebook Fundraising, enabling individual fundraisers to boost their reach and raise more by duplicating their Classy fundraising page to the world’s largest social media platform, all with seamless reporting for nonprofit customers.

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Peer-to-peer fundraising has always been at the heart of Classy’s product suite and with the Classy for Facebook integration, fundraisers can now easily extend their reach by raising money on both Classy and Facebook simultaneously while keeping their progress in sync. A supporter utilizing a Classy-powered, peer-to-peer fundraising page can create a Facebook fundraising page directly through their Classy dashboard. Their imagery, personal headline, and fundraising goal automatically pushes through for a flawless experience. When donations are received through Facebook, they are instantly reflected on the Classy page for cohesive reporting. Automated milestone emails, reflecting totals raised on both platforms, motivate and thank fundraisers for hitting their goals during the campaign.

“Now, more than ever, individuals are looking for ways to support causes that are empowering the world for good,” said Scot Chisholm, Classy CEO and Co-Founder to an audience of over 8,000 nonprofit professionals registered for Collaborative: Virtual Sessions. “Social media creates a powerful platform for fundraisers to support nonprofits by tapping into their network. By offering a seamless integration with Facebook, we are improving the fundraiser experience. Ultimately, this enables nonprofits to amplify their reach, expand their impact and raise more critical funds for their organization.”

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Classy for Facebook was built with transparency and impact in mind. Fundraisers can multiply their impact by seamlessly extending their reach with the power of Classy and Facebook. With Classy’s built-in segmentation functionality, nonprofits can easily identify fundraisers who haven’t connected their fundraising page to Facebook and encourage them to boost their reach. Fundraisers and nonprofits are always up-to-date on their overall fundraising progress and nonprofits have visibility into how and where fundraisers are choosing to raise money. Through the Classy dashboard, they can also tap into donor information, total donations, and average transaction sizes of donations received through Facebook fundraising pages. A dedicated Facebook report provides the ability to add Facebook filters to any saved or recommended reports. This data can help nonprofits gain deeper insight into their overall fundraising strategy and their performance by channel.

“We’re partnering with Classy to create the Classy for Facebook integration to empower their fundraisers to make an even bigger impact,” said Kendra Sinclair, Nonprofits Manager, Social Good at Facebook. “The nonprofit world is adjusting to reaching supporters, building connections, and fundraising – completely online, and we’re proud to serve as a channel for organizations to be able to do that. Working with nonprofit industry partners, like Classy, to build new tools and functionality that helps move the sector forward is critical during such challenging times.”

Classy clients know the value of Classy’s easy-to-use fundraising technology and robust centralized reporting, and use social media as their primary marketing tool (per Classy’s 2019 survey of nonprofit industry professionals). By offering these organizations a seamless way to integrate their fundraising campaigns into their Facebook efforts, while relieving some of the pain points caused by disjointed reporting, Classy for Facebook empowers nonprofits to continue providing their supporters with an unrivaled online experience, ultimately helping them to raise more for their missions.

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