LTK Study Identifies Influencer Sales Are Amplified 2x by Influential Shoppers

New research by LTK, the largest creator-powered marketing platform, finds that influencers casted by brands for campaigns and collaborations actually drive double the sales that are being directly tracked because of a sizeable core group of their followers called, “Influential Shoppers.”

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Defining Influential Shoppers

Influential Shoppers are social-savvy, hyper-loyal consumers who regularly make purchases based on social media influencer recommendations — for everything from fall fashion trends to interior paint colors. The majority in this group are ages 18-40 and have an average of 250 followers on social media. Influential Shoppers make up 38% of the US adult population, but account for more than two-thirds of all attributable purchases from influencers.

Influential Shoppers’ selling power

What’s important about this consumer set is not only that they are the most apt to buy from an influencer’s recommendation, but that once they do make that purchase, they are three times more likely to reshare that item on social media, which in turn leads to doubling the sales originating from an influencer’s recommendation.

“Influencers’ trackable selling power is unquestionable,” said Rodney Mason, head of marketing for LTK Brand Partnerships. “But, our study shows that when a brand invests in an influencer campaign, not only do they get an influencer salesforce, they also get amplification from the influencers’ core followers who have significant influence on the broader population due to their propensity to share and promote the items they purchase from an influencer’s original recommendation.”

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How can brands reach Influential Shoppers?

The majority of Influential Shoppers do their social shopping from their smartphones, with Instagram being the top platform on which they follow influencers, followed by Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat. The channels on which they choose to reshare most frequently rank Facebook and Instagram tied for first, followed by YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest tied for second and Twitter and Snapchat tied for third.

The session will include a discussion with Amber Venz Box, LTK co-founder and president, and LTK Creators who will share insight into how they built their followings and the importance of Influential Shoppers. It will also identify where Influential Shoppers are located geographically and the kinds of products they buy most often based on influencer recommendations.

LTK’s proprietary research was conducted in June 2021 and included surveying over 2,000 adults reflective of the US population with 97% confidence.

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