ProCreator Announces TAPTIN

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ProCreator, the Creator and Influencer community announces the formation of TAPTIN– the Influencer Store.

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— ProCreator

TAPTIN is an alliance between ProCreator, influencers, and one of Europe’s leading Creator merchandise, ecommerce and fulfilment companies.

This unique offering provides Creators with the opportunity to create and sell their own products and merchandise, partner with brands to curate and create new products, or promote the products they love.
Before TAPTIN creator and influencer incomes were disjointed, time consuming to manage, often difficult to track and required knowledge of production, distribution and finances. TAPTIN brings all these incomes into one place, taking all the hard work away from influencers while providing a way to generate new incomes.

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TAPTIN will be offering influencers a share for all items sold, including digital as well as physical products, made on demand merchandise and bespoke products for Creators.Matt Donegan from ProCreator stated, “We are delighted to offer a brand new, unique and exciting way for brands to work with the influencer community to benefit all involved. For too long creators and influencers have been creating value for brands and not seeing the benefit. Creators can now benefit from influencer marketing, while building their own brand.”

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