3 Ways To Make Better Use Of Twitter To Help Maximize Conversions For Your Business

Twitter has long been an excellent tool for community building and reaching out to a wide variety of brands and marketers.

But do you also use tweets to promote instant conversions?

It requires dedicated effort and a more specific approach, but you can also generate sales from your tweets.

Here’s how to do it:

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1. Use Twitter to better control your brand search

Not many brands realize how important their brand results are.

According to Google, at least 50% of people who know your name will still search Google to find out more about you before they buy.

And what will your customers see there?

Believe it or not, your Twitter feed may be the first thing that comes up when you search Google for your brand name. Google uses a specific rich snippet for Twitter search results by removing the most recent tweets from your feed and showing them in the SERP:

What does this mean for your Twitter marketing?

When working on your Twitter editorial calendar, you also need to think about the results of your search engine. What will people see if they search for you on Google? Will these tweets (especially out of context and being withdrawn from SERP) cause you to handle your brand, or to drive it away forever?

As a brand, you probably have Twitter guidelines or policies that your social media team uses to maintain a consistent and respectful online presence. So include this point as well:

“Tweets may appear in Google searches when someone searches our brand. Make sure you keep our social media updates in mind. Avoid humor or criticism that is difficult to understand when taken out of context.”

Using your tweets to build trust and generate more sales from brand searches is another great idea. Consider:

  • Monitor and retweet other users’ positive feedback or brand
  • Tweet about trends and studies in the industry
  • Use testimonials again in tweets to bring them to your feeds, as well as trademarks, etc.

If you are just starting out with your brand, you should also keep your future brand searches in mind when deciding on a brand name.

It’s important to find a brand that will continue to be available on Twitter (an ever-increasing challenge), which is also worthy of what your brand is about.

Name is a useful tool that can help your planning. Namify is a brand and domain name generator that monitors your chosen brand name in the major social media networks to help you make a more informed decision.

It can help you map a more effective, all-encompassing Twitter strategy that helps promote brand recognition and resonance.

2. Use Twitter to compile traffic and conversions

Getting meaningful clicks from Twitter is not easy.

The fast nature of the tweet feed usually means that Twitter users are faster, and therefore their click is more shallow and less intentional, which results in a higher bounce rate.

You have to make extra effort to convert the pressure into a particular traffic. And this is where some tricks on the site can help.

Create a dedicated landing page for Twitter

A Twitter landing page is a page on your website that is designed to drive inbound traffic from your profile page or tweets on Twitter.

By sending your Twitter followers to a dedicated page, you can optimize their experience by:

  • Add social proof from Twitter
  • Customize your CTAs and imagery to your Twitter feed and brand
  • Customize your sales funnel to remove barriers and better match Twitter users’ buying journeys and expectations

Landing Page A / B Testing is easily on WordPress, or you can use tools such as Lead pages for this process.

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Automatically turn on and qualify clues

Building a dedicated Twitter landing page is a good first step, but what next?

This is where AI-driven tools like smart chatbots and virtual help can help. They can help ensure that your site visitors always get exactly what they need, exactly when they need it, and by clicking from your Twitter links.

Exceed AI is an excellent solution for making the most of your Twitter traffic. The AI ​​Assistant ensures that every lead is followed up, nurtured and qualified using automated two-way conversations. It comes with smart chatbot software, email sequences and even SMS marketing to make sure no click or form fills are missed:

Customize the rest of your site

It’s always useful to add a personal touch to your landing pages, and you can use Fintza to personalize your Twitter traffic experience on your website.

Finitude allows you to add custom CTAs based on a variety of criteria, including the click source:

3. Use Twitter to learn from the failures of your competitors

We all watch our competitors – but how much do you actually learn from it?

Most marketing strategies never go beyond looking at the organic rankings and promotions of a competitor, and few companies also go to great lengths to monitor their competitors’ listings. No marketing strategies I have seen are designed to do anything with that kind of advanced data, and that can be too much to take in and get something meaningful.

But it can be valuable, especially if it is filtered properly. And there’s a very simple way to do that in Twitter’s Advanced Search tools.

Just enter it on the Twitter search page


How can you do this Twitter monitoring?

You can use tools such as Agorapulse to set up competitor monitoring. I use Agorapulse because it turns tweets into tasks, allowing you to mark them as complete or assign them to other team members.

This way, you can respond to these tweets, or add your product management team to help them avoid the mistakes of your competitors (or both).


With a little creativity, Twitter can be much more than just another channel to broadcast news and communicate with your customers.

Use Twitter to create a more trusted brand image, increase your conversions and steal your competitors’ customers by detecting negative mentions.

Used properly, it can be very effective and beneficial strategies to get more out of your Twitter efforts.

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