The Indi App Creates Social Media Influencers With the Click of a Button

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Innovative Video Engagement Commerce Platform,, Releases Exciting App That Allows Anybody to Make Money from Their Thousands of Retail Partnerships

Becoming a social media sensation with a few clicks of a button is now available at the tips of one’s fingers. Introducing the hottest shopping app tailor-made for influencers, unveils brand new app features designed to help make money on the content that influencers are already posting on social media, build an online empire, allowing to effortlessly design a personal brand and get the attention of favorite retailers and industry leaders all through one flexible platform.

Navigating Indi’s interface is a breeze. Building a personal channel and adding engaging content is faster and simpler than ever with a brand new user-friendly design that creates a seamless, intuitive experience from start to finish. Enable native camera access while using the app, and be able to quickly record video, snap photos, and upload content directly to the channel in one smooth step. Then, let Indi show how to easily attach product links, share and post to all social media (Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, Snap, Pinterest and Twitter), blog, or website, and earn money anytime someone clicks on your link and shops.

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Indi’s new merchant search feature allows influencers to connect with thousands of their favorite brands at the click of a button. Comb the Indi directory lightning fast to find favorite retailers like Nordstrom, Nike, Urban Outfitters, Blue Apron, Foot Locker, and Amazon, then add a personal link to over 100 million products directly to content to earn money and grow one’s influence.

Create a following and make industry leaders take notice with an influencer channel crafted through the go-anywhere, take-on-anything Indi app. In just a few easy steps, influencers can establish a brand, start growing a following, and earn the chance to become the next overnight social media sensation all by being unique and sharing the styles they love with the world.

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