New Research Identifies Top Advertising, Marketing, Social Media Companies in Key Industries

The top-performing advertising and marketing agencies that specialize in specific industry segments, such as automotive, finance, healthcare, and legal, were announced by Clutch, a leading B2B research, ratings, and reviews company. After analyzing 1000s of companies’ presence and leadership in the market and interviewing their clients to learn about work quality, Clutch ranked the top 15 for each industry.

Clutch’s ranking methodology considers both quantitative and qualitative data related to the companies’ market presence, work quality, services offered, and customer feedback.

Top Advertising & Marketing Companies for the Following Industries:

Automotive: Bareface, Brand+Aid, milk*, FEAST, Nova Solutions, Edkent Media, Illuminate, FastRock, Radius Inbound, Christopher August, sensussoft, Definition 6, Agency Squid, BNRY Digital, Intrigue Media

Business Services: Sensis, KHJ Brand Activation, Killian Branding, Kiosk, Foster Web Marketing, The Brandon Agency, Gigante Vaz Partners, BrandTuitive, Frederick Swanston, Coming of Age, JStokes Agency, Stevens & Tate Marketing, Forge Worldwide, Spire Agency, BrandJuice

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Education: Sensis, Kiosk, Brand+Aid, Forge Worldwide, Captains of Industry, Tronvig Group, Partners Marketing Group, DX Media Direct, The Byne Group, Nova Solutions, Palmer Ad Agency, Davis Advertising, Agency 1903, Constructive, Christopher August

Financial Services: Sensis, IPNY, Duncan Channon, Kiosk, Rocket10, Gigante Vaz Partners, Bareface, Cutwater, Alaniz, Coming of Age, JStokes Agency, Forge Worldwide, Spire Agency, milk*, Bluetrain Inc.

Healthcare: Sensis, IPNY, GKV, Duncan Channon, KHJ Brand Activation, Foster Web Marketing, Alaniz, BrandTuitive, Frederick Swanston, Coming of Age, Stevens & Tate Marketing, Forge Worldwide, milk*, BrandJuice, Bluetrain Inc.

Hospitality: The Brandon Agency, Bareface, Bob’s Your Uncle, Coming of Age, BrandJuice, Giants & Gentlemen, FEAST, UNIT partners LLC, Sir Isaac, Mighty, Davis Advertising, Massive Media, The Miller Group, Hunter, L.A. Social Karma

Legal: Foster Web Marketing, JStokes Agency, Spire Agency, AJ Ross Creative Media, Edkent Media, Tell Me Your Goal, Intensify, Digit Bazar, SL Development, halfGenius

Real Estate: KHJ Brand Activation, Gigante Vaz Partners, Frederick Swanston, Coming of Age, JStokes Agency, Stevens & Tate Marketing, Prospectr Marketing, milk*, Gershoni Creative Agency, Bandwidth Marketing Group, Satori Marketing, AJ Ross Creative Media, Mentus, SEO Solutions, Massive Media

Retail: Cutwater, Coming of Age, Brand+Aid, JStokes Agency, Stevens & Tate Marketing, Gershoni Creative Agency, Traction, DASH TWO, DSC Advertising, Ideas that Kick, FEAST, Satori Marketing, UNIT partners LLC, Mighty, HypeLife Brands

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Top Social Media Marketing Companies for the Following Channels:

Facebook: eBoost Consulting, Disruptive Advertising, Sculpt, Boostability, Social Media 55, Abacus, Bad Rhino Inc., PBJ Marketing, LYFE Marketing, Kontra, Firebelly Marketing, Media Bounty, Art & Science Digital Experience Design Inc., Taktical, Uproot

Instagram: Disruptive Advertising, Boostability, eBoost Consulting, Abacus, LYFE Marketing, Imagine Media Consulting, Social Media 55, FEAST, PBJ Marketing, Citizen Group, SociallyIn, Bad Rhino Inc., Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Media Bounty, Social Vantage

Snapchat: Media Bounty, Viral In Nature, Firebelly Marketing, AMP Agency, WebiMax, Wolfgang Digital, i76 Solutions, PocketWhale, Funworks, Newell Ledbetter Advertising, Inc., Alaniz, PromoAffiliates, Palmer Ad Agency, Wallaroo Media, PRI

Twitter: Disruptive Advertising, Boostability, LYFE Marketing, Citizen Group, SociallyIn, Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, Social Vantage, Bad Rhino Inc., Viral In Nature, 1SEO IT & Digital Marketing, TAMBA, THP, Sculpt, Art & Science Digital Experience Design Inc., AMP Agency

“It’s impressive that these companies stand out in fields that are changing so quickly,” said social media research lead Alaina Stevenson. “Snapchat did not exist 10 years ago, and Twitter has become a source of news and live updates for millions of users. The companies featured today kept up with these changes and tailor their services to specific clients and culture.”

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