Social Report Enables Direct Scheduling of Instagram Posts

Social Report, One of the Industry’s First Social Media Management Tools, now Offers Scheduling of Instagram Posts Directly From its Platform.

In social media management, one of the most wanted features was the ability to schedule Insta posts directly. This update comes after Social Report’s recent partnership with Instagram and Facebook.

“This update gives social media managers, agencies, and organizations the edge they need by providing more flexibility to their presence on Instagram,” said Vitaly Veksler, CEO and Founder of Social Report.

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Benefits of Social Report’s direct scheduling of Instagram posts are;

  • Less time-consuming since the tedious process of scheduling individual posts is omitted
  • Direct creation and uploading of imagery from the desktop
  • The feature of adding a “hashtag comment” directly below your post
  • An image editor customized to suit specific Instagram image requirements
  • Engagement-boosting post consistency
  • System to augment brand loyalty on Instagram

Perceive the Performance of your Brand’s Instagram Profile

A detailed view of your brand’s activity, engagement and audience helps discover the most effective photos & video. It also measures the effect it can create.

Identifying which Instagram photos is driving engagement, watching the network size grow and identifying demographics of key influencers are some other benefits via Social Report. Access to dozens of reports focusing on various aspects of your Instagram profiles like photos, videos, comments, likes, recommendations and follower demographics.

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Handle every Instagram Event

The unified feed of Social Report helps calculate and monitor every function which occurs on Instagram including identifying events which are important.

Monitor Keywords

Track Instagram topics which interest you. The conversations will be target-specific to a particular keyword or hashtag. Social Report will monitor all interests and matches, after which the post that has been confirmed shall be directly scheduled.

Tracking the impact of Instagram photos and videos, engagement with audience and gaining valuable insight which will help nurture and expand network is what Social Report aims to achieve. With the new feature of direct uploads, Social Report helps simplify a user’s experience more than ever.

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