Soulmates.AI’s new Social ROI Reporter Measures the Real Value of Social Media Marketing

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Soulmates.AI, an AI-driven martech startup focused on making marketing work for everyone, has launched Social ROI Reporter (SRR), a tool that helps brands and agencies measure the dollar value of social media and influencer marketing campaigns.

Social ROI Reporter helps you track your marketing performance on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube against the cost of paid content promotion.

Competitive solutions only measure social reach and tally the cost of some interactions against systems blind to seasonal, historical and industry variations. Last year, a study on Nike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign suggested the brand earned $43M in ‘media exposure.’ Yet, no methodology showed how the firm arrived at that total. SRR measured that campaign at $8.16M, showing that estimate was inflated by 427%.

“Social media marketing is a great way to engage modern audiences, but how can CMOs trust inflated, arbitrary numbers?” asks Eric Burgess, Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing for Soulmates.AI. “We built our research and technology from the ground up to report on social media content, not by bending metrics from different media. SRR is the smart metrics tool for today’s leading marketers, agencies and brands, backed by the most trusted values in the industry.”

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SRR uses the industry-leading Earned Media Value Index (a.EMVI) to evaluate social interactions and endorsements based on years of first- and third-party research, monitoring paid auction pricing, and decades of media buying and analytics expertise from the team. The latest report, with values from Q1 2019.

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SRR tracks a brand’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter public profiles and allows for side-by-side comparison with competitor performance. SRR’s algorithmic tools also identify posts that include paid promotion so they can be marked appropriately. All SRR data can be easily exported to use in other reporting tools.’s Earned Media Value Index (a.EMVI) is the industry leader for judging the dollar value of social media and influencer marketing campaigns. The a.EMVI measures social media efforts by pairing audience segments, time-of-day interactions and product verticals against platform-distinct predictive modeling to deliver real-world transparency. With a.EMVI, marketers can finally validate the results of their earned media efforts.

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