Tailor Brands Launches AI Social Media Manager, Tailor Social

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Launching out of Beta, Tailor Social Uses Machine Learning to Generate and Curate Content While Optimizing Posts for Maximum Viewership

Tailor Brands, the AI branding startup democratizing the creative industry, today launched Tailor Social out of beta. The new launch is aimed at bringing creative AI to social media management. The first of its kind, Tailor Social uses machine learning to create and schedule content, as well as optimize posts on social media channels. Companies of all sizes can reap the benefits of Tailor Social for a nominal price, furthering Tailor Brands’ mission to make branding services accessible and provide tools for businesses to eliminate time-consuming tasks.

At the time of this announcement, Yali Saar, CEO of Tailor Brands, said, “When you look at the social media management space there are a lot of tools aimed at big companies and very few that cater to small players.”

Yali added, “We wanted to create a tool that anyone can use — one that wouldn’t only save users scheduling time but would also help them choose the right content and optimize it just like a social media expert.”

The first of its kind, Tailor Social uses machine learning to create and schedule content, as well as optimize posts on social media channels. 

At the times of this announcement, CEO Yali Saar spoke to us about their product development blueprint. Yali said, “The new Tailor Social uses Tailor Brand’s machine learning and AI algorithm that was developed by the Tailor Brands team in 2014. It optimizes not only content created by Tailor but also content chosen by Tailor from across the web.”

Previously, Tailor Brand’s social service was exclusively available for users of Tailor Brand’s logo service, containing only designs and texts written by Tailor.

Previously, Tailor Brand’s social service was exclusively available for users of Tailor Brand’s logo service, containing only designs and texts written by Tailor. The new Tailor Social uses Tailor’s machine learning to optimize not only content created by Tailor but also content chosen for you by Tailor from across the web. With over 1 million requests to use the social service without creating a logo, the new and improved service will now be available for everyone.

Yali further explained, “While Tailor Social takes care of these tasks it will allow for marketing teams to focus in on more creative elements. It is a fully automated social management platform, giving every user-customized content according to preferences and performance.”

How Does Tailor Social Work

  • Create unique posts, or pick from hundreds of suggested content pieces that are optimized according to user’s preferences and business type.
  • Schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter with suggested and optimized hours and frequency, as well as manage multiple network profiles and business pages.
  • Analytics and review automated insights to analyze performance.
  • Run on Autopilot. Turn on autopilot and let Tailor Social do the work, telling you what to schedule and when.

Tailor Social is a subscription-based service with three plans to choose from – basic, professional and corporate – with an option of two payment cycles, making it simple to use for every business type. The plans also differ based on the number of collaborators, social profiles linked to the platform, amount of posts scheduled, design capabilities and level of analytics. Every user begins with a seven-day free trial.

Currently, Tailor Brands is re-shaping the creative industry by teaching computers how to design, write copy and even plan strategy. Founded in September 2014 by Yali Saar, Tom Lahat, and Nadav Shatz, the company has raised over $20.6 million to date and has offices in both NYC and Tel-Aviv.

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