MSRCOSMOS Releases Real-Time VINCI360 Social Analytics Platform for Optimizing Brands & Customer Experiences

The Platform Actively Captures Sentiment and Audience Perception

VINCI360, a breakthrough social analytics platform delivering real-time awareness of customer sentiment and brand impact was released by MSRCOSMOS, marking a new era in the ability to proactively capture and respond to market opportunities and competitive threats.

Companies deploying VINCI360 are able to define a vibrant lexicon of keywords and phrases they want to monitor-both as they happen live and also over time across all major social networks-Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, websites, blogs, and more. The platform actively captures sentiment and audience perception in how customers are responding to marketing messages and news, as well as competitor actions and advertising.

The Vinci360 platform lets firms derive the intelligence to assess customer value in terms of current as well as future contributions to revenue. The platform also lets users identify opportunities earlier and update their brand strategies, measures the impact of marketing spend and provides ‘Early Warning’ of negative feedback from events, advertising, and news affecting your customers and markets.

MSRCOSMOS Releases Real-Time VINCI360 Social Analytics Platform for Optimizing Brands & Customer Experiences
VINCI360 Real-Time Social Analytics Platform delivers the precise understanding to identify opportunities and risks for your brand and your competitors. (PRNewsfoto/MSRCOSMOS)

VINCI360 is the first social analytics platform in the market designed to be integrated into machine learning and artificial intelligence strategies of companies wanting to proactively optimize customer experiences and close the loop for understanding opportunities as they happen.

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“VINCI360 is about creating growth through immediate understanding and response to market opportunities. This real-time platform delivers context and conversation between companies and customers while exposing gaps in competitors marketing and brand strategies. When you can hear and see what you have been missing, you can act faster to create new relationships and limit risk in your business. There is no greater advantage in business than knowing first. That’s what VINCI360 makes possible,” said Shawn Blevins, CEO, VINCI360

MSR Cosmos is an Enterprise Services and Cloud Software company based in Stockton, California. With over 450 employees and offices in the United StatesAustralia, UAE and India, the company provides world-class enterprise services, cloud software solutions, and SaaS products to Enterprise and Corporate customers around the world.

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